Saturday, February 11, 2017


the only difference between me and some dog that some motherfuckers want to skin in youtube videos is in the ability to communicate and cry out to the world via the PC network. me and defenseless dogs are walking in the same shoes. as of the time I first came into this country both the government and the people were hostile to me. in the beginning 60% of hostilities were man-made noises and later they were becoming more physical and violent. in all that time I've not endangered but one Serbian person and they did everything to make my life very difficult and miserable.
february 13th 2017: as I was exiting my friend’s apartment around 23:07 hrs – dobracina street, downtown Belgrade - I immediately noticed an unusual commotion in the middle of the street where three athlete-built persons were pretending to work under the hood of a jeep. my sixth sense told me that they were after me – it is hard to explain how but I decided to abandon my usual path and cross the street which was an unexpected move if someone was doing surveillance and following me. I felt entirely uneasy. I knew that something was going on with so many people involved. much to my surprise on that side of the street on the following block there was a black Mercedes Benz parked inconspicuously while the driver was filming me as i was approaching with his phone camera which had a white protective mask, strangely I noticed that. I noticed also that this vehicle's plates started with letter “P” which only meant government or the police vehicle and if I was walking my regular path i would not had not been able to notice this camera operating person neither the police plates. it's side windows for back passenger seats were deeply tinted so i was not able to see if anyone was seating in the back. as a matter of fact i had a feeling they were about to injure me, so i did not even look at that direction, i closed my eyes as i was passing by, and turned my head into the opposite direction. meanwhile, i was trying to figure out what the hell was going on and up the street there was also one guy waiting on the corner. he was looking at me and I looked back at him only to find the complete scorn in his eyes, so I realized that he was the part of the team and his look told me that they were up to no good. i quickly crossed the street, and since I could not figure out what they were doing because obviously it was not a classic surveillance but rather some type of action - activity, I felt upset which I am still an hour and a half after. after i crossed the street i felt a huge pain in my neck and now i feel headache on the top of my head. what did they want?!! crazy as it is, I do not even have girlfriend (government and Serbian people made that  normalcy in one person's life a mission impossible) so my interrelations with this society is brought down to positive zero unless we count out a few art loving enthusiasts. I never felt more segregated in my life than in these Serbian years. I feel that my dog – the English bullterrier - has got more freedom than I do in this country. I wish I was feeling awesome, but I forgot that feeling here in Serbia. This is definitely the grave, not the habitat I was dreaming of.


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