Thursday, February 09, 2017

my right to bear mask. belgrade – my take on the situation in belgrade 70 years after the olympic games in berlin.

wore this mask today to protect myself against the clouds of dust containing asbestos particles found in streetcar brakes - piles of which are concentrated around public transportation stops and raised by some public transportation drivers in belgrade for the hell of it and for the fun by unnecessarily and aggressively braking (or otherwise) following their speeding runs while inside many passengers are purposely coughing straight in your face out of disrespect or just for being lowly which by itself is a form of biological warfare. some say do not complain, the system will get you because if you complain you are then automatically suggesting there is something wrong with the system and within the system. they will set you up. for everything you write you have to have some motif and since neither I am on payroll of foreign agencies nor I am the crazy traitor (like thousands of Serbs that are after me) this is my view of the story. I do not give a damn to whom my vote goes to, if I have to vote for the system I shall do. do not care. just tell me who to vote for. this post is not targeting the system, it is against the inhumanity.  


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