Wednesday, February 15, 2017

scuttlebutting serbs and a gay person attacks

Belgrade, Serbia, february 15th 2017, after I had exited streetcar on vojvode stepe blvd. I walked into the maxi store only to be followed by what appeared to be at least a gay person. I say at least because a few hours ago Kim Jong-nam was pronounced dead after a similar close bodily encounter. anyhow, after I went to grab some water bottles this person was right there behind me breathing on my neck. I could not believe my eyes as he used stealth to approach. I said, hey man too close, too close, what the fuck! I felt dirty and abused. He replied or better yet lied: I said to you I was too close. I thought to myself: no motherfucker, you did not say anything. not a word. he just sneaked up and leaned on me. He was wearing some scientific rucksack and this was way too close to precisely hit someone with flechette or similar thing let alone abuse by intimate touching. all in all some serbs have not finished their ordeal against me, not only that im the talk of the town but my life is in constant danger from those who want their fifteen minutes of fame over my dead body. this is the new wild west of the world 


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