Sunday, January 29, 2017

Licence plates: BG 10291 TX ; Time: 16:45 Location: Vicinity of Bulevar oslobodjenja 117, Belgrade, Serbia.

Today there was a taxi / cab (car make was most likely Citroen, model C5, color: dark grey) who was coming at me slowing down and the car acted as if a driver wanted to pull up and ask me something so naturally I looked at him, but what I saw was what disgusted me. I saw a face transformed into a figure of gnarling, snarling wolf-like creature with his teeth exposed as if this guy was practicing this expression for quite a while and his performance lasted so I took a good glimpse of him. I memorized his licence plates well. My immediate thoughts were JSO the Serbian government black ops unit disbanded when they became the death squad whose trademark is what this guy was facially expressing. No this was not a joke and this guy was not there to scare me, he was relaying a message as I now feel as if someone is after me. somebody should talk to this guy and ask him what was that all about what was he trying to do as this was definitely a stressful act of terror, terrorizing and stalking act as I did not hear that people he wanted to relay into my thoughts have been radically transformed by Jesus Christ in all sorts of ways lately.
all vigilantes out there should know that this guy is the lead if something – anything happens to me (licence plate number tied to a person) and it has been already happening.

if you have got only ten enemies in the entire country like Serbia you are dead meat (read about the Fair guys below) - they can do a lot of things to you and if you have like 50,000 enemies-  not even adolf hitler had 50,000 enemies in this city of Belgrade during the time of his rule - it is really scary and it is true. and what scares me most is that these guys i know - working for the state agencies - all of a sudden are on their best behavior when they offer me stuff i collect what feels like an artificially created calm on their part i did not get used to. it is quite suspicious what they are up to.

Serbia for me - It is the enemies you never heard of. and many of them. you walk the streets, someone is coming at you, it turns out the enemy by his behavior and actions and you have never seen that person earlier.

On my part I just want to see my bullterrier ever again and God Almighty what they can do to you.   

My motto is never pick a fight you cannot win and that is why I was mercilessly beaten couple of years ago - I never wanted to fight. However, some of these serbs are forcing me to defend myself.

earlier today it was also one of the rare opportunities where I gathered nuff courage to go to and it was the antique fair in Belgrade as well as the club where document and postcard collectors go to. I was told so I know that many fair exhibitors have criminal record starting from petty theft to murder and I was also told that out of pure jealousy these guys are having trouble putting up with me being there so some of them do everything to annoy me. I was told some of them hate me because I am more successful than them. but I am a collector and picker and they are only the traders so we cannot match – only in their heads. those that do not like me do not appreciate me been there. I witness the scum trying to communicate with me in the ways I cannot appreciate. the people from these places are most likely the culprits and/or instigators in all nasty things happening in my life – starting with hidden laser attack to other attacks - where I also suspect the foulplay on the part of state secret agencies. someone is doing it and now the JSO guys. Come on! or was this taxi just a cover car used by the secret agency guys (military or state, either way I do not get any breaks from both) that want to involve me into more trouble? something is going on and I do not like it because me and them – we are two different worlds. I hate being the star in Serbia in the Serbian way.

follow up on January 30th 2017: and let’s assume if something more sinister happened to me the serbs would be saying to each other and I can envision that: You know what he did?!!! and what did I do? What exactly did I do bunch of slimy slimeball motherfuckers.  

today around ten o’clock in the morning I went to the post office at vojvode stepe 114, belgrade, which was supposed to be my local P.O. where I should be paying utility bills etc. but it is also the place where I encounter the unseen ignorance on the part of the clerks. just being in there I feel like begging for mercy. As I was first in line, I went to desk no.2 while on desk no. 3 there was Ana-Maria and let me pause briefly here to state that several months ago Ana Maria gave me fake 2,000 dinars bill in the bulk of bills. the only money I had in my wallet that day was provided by her. it was discovered in the bank where I went next to pay for some other things and they promptly took that bill from me. after I went back and complained in the post office they started accusing me of wrongfully accusing them while at the moment it was easy to see whose fingerprints were on the bill – nobody cared. if I had something to do with it - the bank would be the last place to go to pay for something. I then tried investigating to see who Ana Maria was and whatever she appeared like in the post office day job on her facebook page Ana Maria gave me the impression of being the wild party beast at nights and it is known what requisites are desirable to party in nightclubs which tends to be quite expensive although I am not vouching she did it on purpose. perhaps she was given that note by some previous customer, who knows. anyhow to return to this day’s situation. as I came to desk no.2 to wire some money to a friend and after I had clearly stated what I wanted, the female clerk stared me down as if i was crazy and as if she had no idea what I was talking about. she was shunning me, she did not produce a word. then a clerk at desk no.1 called “next!” and I slid myself down there only to be followed by the next in line customer which made me to return to desk no.2. when of course I complained to the same clerk about her silence, mocking, contempt and ignorance only to be scalded by the river of insults - all of a sudden she could not keep her mouth shut. It was the moment when I started shaking – something I did not do yesterday when I experienced this guy mimicking in front of me the sign of the most notorious group of outlaws the Balkan ever had. the problem is you cannot just say to hell with everything and disappear from serbia. this is what dire straits really means. the system has embedded me in the cob of destruction where it is clear that serbs are those that just want to kill a man - without a reason! because they are wretched as people. simple as that.


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