Wednesday, March 08, 2017


it is not matter whether is going to happen but when is it going to happen. It is actually happening everyday - something bad goes on in my life in Serbia and vigilance does not matter as there are so many attackers.
March 8th 2017: as if devil had planned it, I decided to try Serbian delicacy aka burek at Trpkovic bakery on Slavija Square in belgrade. After standing in line and placing an order I was holding a plate in hands and the wall mounted desk where I was about to eat while standing was overcrowded; there was a guy whose rucksack was hanging off his body in the fashion that took one empty eating space where I could fit. I politely asked him to move the rucksack back towards him to what he turned facing me – he promptly began mouthing off and spitting over my plate of burek. He wanted to seem polite as well but his spitting was intentional as he was all over my plate talking unnecessary shit and bursting saliva from his mouth. if I was not so known in this city I would have thought it was some nutjob, but Im pretty sure this was done on purpose – he knew who i was like everyone else in this damned city. no I did not want to push myself in there and I started eating behind him while standing. when he soon finished his meal he turned towards me and trying to act all polite again started talking over my plate while his spit was sprinkling all over my meal. I tried to move the upper crust away and save it for my bullterrier – but no! not even my bullterrier deserved that - he licks me and he is my best buddy. I ate something more but without appetite (could have eaten his spit nevertheless as it sprinkled all over the plate)  and then I left leftovers in the plate feeling sorry that I did not return the entire plate to the personnel at once asking them to get me another plate. There is an art picker in Belgrade who was recently diagnosed with liver cirosis from licking his fingers while breezing through old books – he never drank. It is either that or from kissing old ladies – spit was the cause at any rate. Plus - this is Serbia for Goodness sake - the serbs cannot wait for another chance to present me as crazy and weird so it is not easy to complain about anything. next thing I know, I went to pharmacy and spent ten bucks on parondotax (see image of receipt enclosed herewith) to wash off the weird feeling from my mouth.

many here act as if surprised that i have been super-watchful which i highlight again does not help - i ate the food that was spat at - only several hours later i became super positive that i had to throw it away or ask for another plate
in 13 yrs of my time here, 50-60% of them were showing me their ugly face and why would i expect anything better as the fact with whom i am dealing with proves itself day after day


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