Thursday, November 10, 2016

ARTIST SYSTEMS GMBH, Ustanicka Street, Belgrade, Monday, November 7th, afternoon

I was thinking a long time whether to post this because I had a good business with the gentleman who owns the store Artist Systems GMBH  in Belgrade and who gave me a very good deals on guitars I bought there. Alas, when this fine gentleman was not there I went to check yet another guitar and stayed in the store for couple of hours trying it. I left and everything would have been fine if I did not return to buy an effect I was double thinking of and at that moment as I was also negotiating to purchase some guitar cables with the store manager - please mind, not owner I talked about - for some reason (jealousy I suspect because I spent plenty of money in that store for Serbian standards and got a very good deals from their boss - owner) WITHOUT PRIOR KNOWLEDGE AND WARNING – the unbelievably loud PA system ~ might have been 10ooo watts - was turned on so loudly that I was blasted into oblivion on the spot. I was disoriented as I exited the store and my ears hurt into Wednesday. Earlier this year I got checked for Tinnitus and this may have deteriorated my situation. This was without warning!!!!!! I got deafened especially into left ear - I cannot hear well. I must go to doctor to see what sort of damage was done (and I did as this was written on Wednesday but since it is a sensitive information I cannot disclose it.) I think this was done ON PURPOSE. This PA system was meant most likely for stadiums and it must have had 10 thousand watts, I know what loud is and I like loud music but this was not over the top, this was to damage my hearing for good. Period. Esp. as I was talking to store manager they were mimicking for him to move away and he did, he was doing some pantomime while talking to me - and so did I but it was too late. at this point, I am not sure whether I will be able to enjoy in music and music making as I had ever again. I suspect 15% - 25% hearing loss but it could very well be much more. This is the country of enemies and this entire week they were trying to get to me by doing various types of noises throughout the city of Belgrade. since this is the German company Im not sure if Bundesnachrichtendienst is helping them in doing diversive stuff. please read posts below for more information regarding harassment that Im experiencing in this country.


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