Friday, September 09, 2016


if there is hell on earth i m sure it is serbia. 
Serbs not only wanted to blind me in recent time. when I was triaged in emergency the female optician forced me to look at the bright light for several minutes after I had told her that I was intolerant to glucose. I went there because I was attacked with laser as it was described herewith earlier. I think she thought that I was playing games with her and then she ruined my eyesight on purpose most likely thinking that I was taking her time: “now I’ll sort you right and whoever finds out will blame it on glucose later”. now it appears to me that evenings are darker than usual, and I really cannot see anything without glasses after her examination plus I cannot focus correctly and the contrast between the light and dark has been usurped as well. finally she did not even sign her medical report leaving it as it was without her name, the only name that was on it is from the previous doctor on the previous shift who had to leave for the day after she, also the female optician, had put the retina widening solution into my eyes.
today – September 9th 2016 - around 12:35 as I was waiting for the streetcar on autokomanda square, Belgrade, somebody threw loud firecracker  or police shock grenade that exploded next to me. first off it impaired my hearing because I cannot hear right in my left ear - closest to the source of explosion - anymore which also hurts. i also smelled a burnt gunpowder charge. i spoke to two other male individuals who were also under stress although it exploded much closer to me. just wondering who is carrying extra loud firecrackers or shock bombs on them at this time of year and throwing it at the guy that is openly criticizing serbian society. i did not see anything from where it came from because i was entirely unsuspecting. to me it is stalking and THE black ops serbian way which also carries bodily harm and injury. i am sure that i was the target who was followed in order for the explosive to be detonated near me. right now i sincerely believe that someone wants to make me lose my hearing - among other things - as it would prevent me to make music. as much as it sounds crazy, I do not think that anybody gets injured when Americans do black ops. In Serbia they do not care because they did not evolve to that level of civilization as yet and they are simply jealous of you as they focus on you and see what you are doing and everything is hurting them and they hate and despise you so practically you cannot live uninjured. it is the curse of living in Serbia. talking about the curse of serbia: although my songs were meant to be listened in the united states of america
to youtube analytics 100% of listeners stem from serbia. am i doing something wrong here?!! in other words enemies listen, get angry and then decide to blow out my ears?!! as much as it hurts physically it also hurts emotionally telling you that you practically have no friends in this country - serbia.
in the end what did i do to them to block my progress for so long in addition to their invasive aggression that maims me from time to time - i do not know, it sounds as a killing joke while i am in acute pain at 21:13 and my ears are bleeding. these motherfuckers took another piece of me. what's the point of going to serbian doctors because some of them treat you like shit, making more damage than it is, honest to goodness, and you do not know it until the damage is done. in the same vein, you do not know until they hurt you enough and badly in what piece of shit place you live at. and is too late.

will Serbian people compensate me for my troubles   ? will they award me hundreds of millions of dollars and allow me to be their representative in the United States of America?   ?

I do not think so although i think they should. only then we can begin to talk about some justice and egality even though no amount of money can add up to what i've lost starting with quality time. let's count only today as i hear less better than as of this morning and what happens then with the last thirteen years of everyday harassment, gangstalking and torture. and if they tried this shit on the American or Japanese person the things would have been flying in the air around here already. it really matters where you were born. are you the man protected by the country and its laws or the piece of shit born in serbia like me. the country of origin makes you a better person plus it makes your ass protected. if you were born into the sixth grade society ruled by the club law you practically do not exist.


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