Sunday, September 11, 2016

a land and times as pretty as hell

still cannot hear correctly in my left ear from yesterday’s explosion when I was targeted; still deafened, tinnitus present as well. who is going to compensate me for it? why do not serbs organize and find out who did it and then pursue him with all that vigor til the end of life?!!!
let it be known that - imo - this type of device can only be used and activated by the network of organized harassment and stalking, there is no way in hell that someone carries it with them and throws it on me just like that.
therefore, whoever writes a quality song about my suffering in this land of sorrow and posts it on youtube i will compensate him with conceptual work of mine. at least that kind of satisfaction, when i am looking at the prospects that i will never hear again like i did yesterday morning. i do not think this is enough to satisfy bloodthirsty people, they will only continue with their efforts. i swear to God i am not writing this in vain but who is to blame and what i can do about it, just whine. i am not looking to get equal, just to compensate well although this would be impossible with this kind of order of things. i am also writing that this stuff does not get forgotten.

I’ve found out yesterday that some want to label me as a foreign spy so that all those who are seen together with me get compromised!!!!!! i’ve lost one of my best friends due to this Serbian effort this summer. on top of that they want to put the label homosexual next to my name to secure that I am completely ostracized from the Serbia society and minds of female population. I’ve got no further comments. 

this entire week has been a disaster. my man Nole let me down again so here is something that my haters will appreciate.
they must think that I always get more than I deserve and that is why my ear bleeds. I have been deafened – still feel the consequences - and set back financially all within two prior days. this will surely calm some people down.


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