Tuesday, September 06, 2016


so far I was complaining about what I was going through in Serbia, and I cannot call myself coward for it for when they are looking for trouble many of Them never come up in one knightly manner but always gang up on me in the sneaky dastardly way behind my back. They do not step up to me. Not sincerely not honestly.
and when I see trouble coming my way the first choice i make is to cross the street and move away so i may be perceived as the escapist & coward.
plus many like if you don’t succeed in something, I then feel that some of them enjoy your downfall secretly while the others openly jeer. as one example, one lady was eagerly listening to my telephonic conversation
 in the public transportation and when she realized that it was not successful she stepped with her foot in delight; talking about body language.

with all the pressure I am taking in many of them are wondering how it is that I am still alive. did not kill myself - i guess it was their idea in the first place to create enough pressure that i do not see the way out and end up killing myself. so i did not let them cheat on me.
thus some of them feel that I may have some mojo around me! so occasionally these serbian brethren and sisters will grab an opportunity while I am close to them in public transport or in some store to touch or pinch me to recharge themselves which I consider to be some sort of bad luck magic for me as I feel my energy drained after it happens. I had a Scottish friend in the USA who was a vegan and coming from Serbia I had a prejudice about pagans. However, never I felt that he was doing anything bad to me that drained my energies, I always felt full and satisfied with life around him. but nearby some  serbian brethren and sistreths it feels a bit different so I believe it is some sort of black magic that some serbs are practicing on me.
i am writing this because it happened to me today when one woman fell over me intentionally and pinched my sleeve while the streetcar was not jerking the standees much. i could tell she did it on purpose, those who should will get it as to why. i felt relieved after she walked out. and then , then, couple of minutes later - i saw these…..these sweet white socks, looking fresh probably just laundered this morning. this photo cannot do them justice how neat they were. it just gave me a breeze of wonderful new life, new hope. it is one perhaps insignificant thing but yet so overpowering at the moment.


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