Saturday, March 19, 2016

Jesus Christ, Novak and the* Serbs

underneath the greatest stone there is going to be some scene of worms crawling out of the ground. there aren't any exceptions unless the stone is just out of place. as time lapses, the moisture will ooze underneath and the maggots will return. in the same sense my removal from the states was doctored. no moisture will grow and no worms will be under me there.- milos v.
i  am a guy who spilled some nasty secrets about myself (a rumor that cost me my life - my future), about my marriage (they took my wife as a trophy), about where am i at, about the world around me and people do not like facing that sort of thing. plus the serbs say i sound like a pussy. nuts hate me because they believe I am another serb. but, i an't no serb no more! (I repented.) serbs gave me nothing but scars and beatings. some people look at me as if i am the walking dead. a lot of them are afraid that something bad is going to happen to them if they are standing close by - i see that by their reactions, like somebody is going to miss me and punch or kick them too. nobody ever did come up to me to say hey, we are so sorry! instead, they keep cornering the cat. but, oh my, that is a very stupid thing to do, unless you were made to do so. i can see it in their smirk they are either enjoying what goes on or down with doing harm and mob mentality; if they could, they would exterminate me. i feel in belgrade serbia as if i would feel walking around Tehran while holding a pig's head. one girl even tried to defend me as she was passing by - she said to her colleague so i could hear it too:
listen sanja, he was not the only one that...(so i was not the only one but now i am paying it up for everybody that did). next up, i will listen how i am writing about getting beaten up on the internet and also how i got money to
buy myself an icecream which makes me wonder if some of them think that i am homeless. "oh, he has got money for an icecream bar! how's that icecream taste?!" a long time ago i wanted to be the owner of bodyguard agency so i may be sending mixed signals as far as my behavior is concerned as i got used to always expect the unexpected, i also wanted to subsidize my education at the Wharton School by utilizing the GI BIll by becoming the US Ranger, etc. and thus some American judge somewhere presently is occupying my throne.
most serbs look at me like some kind of weirdo traitor to say the least even though i have been saying my peace for over 13 years to no avail. i hurt noone. as if they hate that i was not killed in the war that those satan's minions in red that serbs still idolize had started. that's why i gave up on trying to prove anything in this country. by having to move back to serbia to face this terror i feel betrayed not only by America, but by life and by God. just recently a guy approaching me spat into my direction when he was a yard away from me. when i confronted him, he kept his head bowed down without saying a thing he just walked away. another woman, while laughing and acting all polite and kind spat all over my food that was on a check out line at the store register. i felt her spit over my hands. so, i find many serbs as being pernicious. who would not prefer a stinky eye over spit and smile? but no stinky eyes, all i ever get are evil eyes - let me fine grade the virulence. an older guy in the store line that just finished checking out waited until i paid for groceries as i was sure he was thinking that i was going to steal and shoot out running from the store so he had wanted to chase me to become the new serbian hero. by looking at him i also realized this guy was somebody that probably was less informed about me, but there are many such people whose behavior is criminal. it is probably why my life has lost all meaning. and when you lose your purpose in life, you lose everything. other serbs must be thinking that i am some american sheep dipped patsy not just a traitor but a combatant enemy. while the only truth - which should not be said - lies somewhere in my connection to indian wars and my past lives. my ex-brothers in arms throughout my past american lives surely would not have let me die here in serbia. but these are some new orders and surely some new times. in 2002/03, in america, i had been kept in some centers in the wilderness for 5 months where I believe I was subjected to enforced sterilization. i am surely not motivated to find a new soul mate, but surely i know the family life is something i miss the most. they took it away from me. yup, i should be angry enough to chew nails complaining only about these serbian retarded gangstalking, like these douche bags know why are they doing it? even though, perhaps i am living in great fear (and pain too for realizing everything) at this time, i amalso  subjected to harassment on a daily basis - this for sure. hate to say this but in serbian public transportation it appears as serbian thugs and bullies are trying to kick me in my private area.
the way they position themselves and the way I look at it, it looks intentional to me.
the real problem is they feel there is no one that is going to make them accountable for their actions.
in the past they were not pretty accurate with that particular type of kick,
as I had already described the situation when I was attacked in the serbian public transportation and their legs were flying up
and trying to nail and kick me in the midsection. i want to have kids one day and serbs are trying to end that.
what really bothers me is that the more i am afraid, talking about it and complaining, the more courageous and macho they are.
some of them are getting real sticky. the greatest problem: i do not even know who these people are, 99,9% of them i see for the first time in my  life. don't they mind some code of engagement, for example, if someone declared himself a coward
i would not bother that person no more, period.
these guys are entirely different. they are on my ass  24 - 7 and enthusiastic as ever.
that i consider bottom line torture or i might as well be listed as some type of serbian
domestic terrorist so they may be doing it on purpose. or unless they are half-witted, if they really believe that violence and bad manners impress? what gravy is in it for them? if it is easy to steer 50000 hooligans into action on the soccer stadium it must be easy as pie to provoke people on the street into action as well.
like i said, i am not expecting anything good in serbia, the things are gonna deteriorate, but i have so many enemies throughout the world and no safe heaven
where i can go to and feel safer. i am truly the man without a country! i wish Novak Djokovic becomes some real model for everyone, not only on paper, and things truly change. hope at that time i do not remain that experimental rabbit no more. Amen! i know im romancing the stone but would not it be much nicer for the world to measure and see how long it takes until someone is cured emotionally, psychologically and physically and not just persist on inflicting the injury?!! on the contrary this is what i am coping with:
like I said this blog is my only say and defence. i wish this bloody mess returns to those who created it and those who feel chosen to continue to ruin my life. 
some serbs, whom i also do not know, find it repulsive to be in the same waiting area.
they get agitated just be being in the presence of myself.
it may be that they fear that they will be struck with bad luck since nobody likes losers!
my message to serbia is: i can also be a man and a human being like you, so just let me try.

 having two countries, the United States of America and Serbia, hate you is the punishment of God.I waited ten years before getting married and as soon as I did, Americans stepped in and stopped me in my tracks - ruined this match made in heaven. they jinxed me out of my future.
In Serbia, I was saving money for ten years to buy car, not long after that Serbs destroyed it. with enemies like that I would need nine lives to gain some is a one step forward and a thousand steps backwards relationship. but if that
only would be just it. even though i am not overly supersticious, my advise to both the usa and serbia would be:
if you ever get another chance, pick your battles and never engage to steal from the lowly cos some Heavenly wreath may be coming to haunt you unselectively  after all. as far as im concerned, hope aliens are reading this so they help me out get some
earthly normalcy and  pleasures. 
may 25th 2016: could not figure out it was gonna be a trap. my problem is that i often forgot how people are or could be and then i put my guard down; that’s when the trouble starts. sometimes i forgot that i am in serbia where my sentence matches death sentence. namely, i agreed to exchange some art with secret service officer working on the night shift near his working premises. as i was exiting his vehicle and after the exchange took place (i took the bait) i went by two of his coworkers that appeared to be on the smoke break around the entrance and realized that something was amiss. now - 02:00 AM - i have a terrible eye pain which is either the consequence of laser sniping while I was sitting in the car or military grade pepper spray sprayed into my path. if I had not had any suspicions from before and bad experiences with the same person, i would not be suspicious much, but i am only thinking about possible revenge served cold by that agent as i had written herewith about experience with him at some earlier times. i washed my eyes with plenty of water and some plum brandy too (not to disinfect it but to get the response from the laser wound if any and locate it – everything burns – both eye and the surroundings, do not know what’s really going on there), but they are burning as hell.  
 may 25th 2016: in almost empty streetcar # 10 going through belgrade’s neighborhood of dorcol, around 22:35PM, i made a big mistake of paying a small amount of attention – a glance – to the rowdy guy in his twenties and two girls in his company who made a loud mention of indians and cowboys, an obvious reference to the writings on my blog here, all of a sudden they started getting all hyped up in this empty streetcar as if they had won the lottery and finally as they were about to exit, the guy approached me saying to the girls”: “you’ll see now what is the threshold of pain…” and it was obvious that he was soon going to kick me but i managed to briefly move aside and thus put myself in the situation to control where he was going to go. then they started jumping around and yelling on this public tram in a lawless rebellious manner. it was like i have just witnessed the darkest depths of folly!   
 it is too bad i was not allowed to attain the same:
May 9th 2016 - it is hard to imagine how many venomous, frustrated and angry people, nasty looks and foul language i came across during a Sunday stroll with my female friend through belgrade’s walking zones. if she was my fiancee it would have definitely hurt. in reference to sucking dick and other things overheard and said i just wonder what sort of danger G.W.Bush or somebody in his administration had seen it coming in me within their zodiac horoscope to pursue and engage in dismantling of my life. it feels as if they had to do it to me just like herod had to kill all children of Bethlehem in order to be on his safe side (the united states broke apart my legit family and separated me and even left illegals - who even remain there today - to roam freely, it means that i was specifically targeted - if even the illegals were let go - and to me that is beyond comprehension.) my situation is such that I believe someone had just let me be free – not imprisoned behind the walls – but without a chance of getting married or enjoying stuff other people do ever again, period. it is beyond comparison to anything ever written or imagined, someone with enormous power has been directing this awkward scenario - appearing to having been written all up in the stars - while destroying all of my dreams and prospects ever since. i have been the victim of genocidal behavior both from the united states and serbia that has been halting the quality of my existence that cannot progress and develop. the only thing that I conquered in this ‘designed gangstalking’ was the sensation of panic with a feeling of impending doom that used to be much more overwhelming earlier.  
may 10th 2016: thanks to these people in 20 seconds i took in
what the serbian population will get  in 500 years from chemtrails - if they exist. many in serbia realize chemtrails are bad but still
they do equally the same harm like the son of a bitch, the driver of this streetcar No. 614 who was letting air brakes off
on purpose 6 or 7 times - as i stood at the stop there at around 14:00 PM - thus raising
a big cloud of semi-asbestos dust in front of me so i could breath
in all that cancerous residue particles of the braking process.

with weight of ten kilos in each hand i could not move to escape breathing in this nasty cancerous formation of dust.
not to mention that in various other ways this hidden torture happens a lot on different ocassions. ocasionally,
samsung s5 video cam is a good line of defence against torture and gangstalking and those that engage in wrongdoing me behave differently
when they realize they have been filmed, it was not applicable here since it happened before i could react which would require to
place down the baggage i was carrying.

if i reported this to the police they would put me in mental institution.
the best possible thing that would happen would be if they would just laughed you off. that is why this blog is the only form of

what was next, as i entered the bus # 33 i ran into the group of high scholl kids who recgonized me as they were
making eye contacts trying to push one another into action to hit or kick me, this was at 14:33 PM.
in this country they classify you as a traitor when you are down like me and the law will protect them not me,
while even when the french national who was killed several years ago - everybody involved got off the hook. from my personal experience these are the easiest people on the planet compared only to some indigineous tribes
that could be instigated into organized unjust harassment against someone 

in a second. think only how many people were killed when the communists came into power just because, just because they were different with different opinions.

following this up on may 11th 2016: as I entered bus 33 again there were three previosuly unknown to me guys in their twenties standing at the rear platform and as their conversation quickly escalated towards saying that they will fuck somebody’s bloody mother bloodily I got off at the next stop.
following this up on may 12th 2016: it seems as if it is really impossible to explain to these young serbian thugs not to go overboard - as soon i exited bus # 25 at ruzveltova street today there was an approximately 20-year-old guy who started jumping around like a monkey as if he was preparing to fight me, many people were also present. as a christian nation serbia tends to believe that it is sporting itself much better than any other catholic country, my experience is different. some of these people behave like complete savages. even females in their twenties agree with molesters as they keep showing their disrespect and disagreement with me represented in intentional coughing when walking close by. it also boggles my mind when i realize how many people are involved in this harassment. walking in the open in this town has become a pure liability for me and it would be helpful if someone designed a very small portable witness cam camera that anyone expecting problems could wear around attached to wardrobe for protection and witness account. if one of these kids got engaged into a fight with me which is obviosuly their intention, since those who give them feedback and hatemongering instructions what to do keep pushing their agenda, the autorities will protect them by saying nothing happened, or it was not a big deal, any way you turn it, i am screwed. this is where the ingenuity of CIA comes to light as they succeeded in torturing me at a long distance utilizing their enemy - serbian mavericks - this is some kind of torture that only the american comanches were able to design in history. unbelievable! if it did not concern me, i would praise it for cleverness.  
following this situation up on may 13th 2016, 15:20 PM: as i walked out of my house i was promptly spat at on vitanovacka street
by the young serbian punk (approx.15 years old) who immediately said 'sorry',
but he did spit on purpose, there was little doubt about it, there were three of them together - like all cowards SOME serbs tend not to attack openly one on one, but usually
engage in a group of at least three to four, not in a knightly manner - which also means hideouts and attacks from behind.
promptly afterwards i had a windshield cleaning liquid sprayed at me also advertently by a driver of the car that was passing by and after that i was gangstalked by this 

"bull dyke"

who produced a gangstalking noise while passing by. been a cowardly kind of serb myself i was a downright coward to engage or photograph the three little punks that spat at me - who could have jumped me right there -
but i was brave
enough to photograph
the "lady" that was gangstalking me, another photo follows herewith:

feeling misunderstood like Serb Nikola Tesla inciting the invention of anti-laser sunglasses and witness cam portable
protection and account camera. who knows what else they do to me when i am not aware, i can expect everything as they are ready for anything, nothing good by the way, my eyes hurt again and i suspect the foulplay,
and i do not care if they posthumously name some shitty street in serbian suburbs after me - the unprotected victim of the serbian public torture - i piss at all of them who gangstalk now. 

may 17th 2016: same shit, just different day as serbian P.O.S. who must have heard about this blog did exactly the same shit at the same station where i waited today around 14:00 PM, same day of the week and at about the same time as on the prior occasion so might as well be the same POS just driving a different color streetcar (not to mention that i was attacked - gangstalked by noise - several times today by other public transportation personnel, probably as a retribution for writing here):

I am not trying to fight wars with serbs. In comparison, Jesus Christ who was also opposed by many - lost the right and privilege to stay present on Earth physically. I can only imagine my life and existence as purposely being exposed in order to take the role in the modified Parcheesi game whereby rich and powerful Americans had picked and chosen their human expendables (instead of  elephants) to have a little fun with human lives. Through their Serbian pawns they are forcing me into a certain death as it is impossible to live life when opposed by many. I also can wildly imagine that Novak Djokovic was Jesus in his past life and that I was one of those who crucified Jesus and now it is my time to suffer – as it seems the tables are turned. It is one way to explain the unexplainable. to my defense I can state to the religious serbs:  you can be Christians all you want but if you are promoting hatred and doing injustice, it is the greatest sin!
Practically isolated from an undisturbed normal living and family life, I practically have nobody important to support my side (of the story too). Serbs here can lie about everything and get away with it. I do not know if they are bragging about what they are doing to me or if they’re lying that I am left alone and that everybody is treating me well. Not! I am not peach and dandy by any means living here at 44.8167° N, 20.4667° E.
couple of things in serbia that may be my bad that i possibly regret:
a)  regret becoming lifelong enemy of the serbian businessman djordje mona (i sincerely and in good faith offered to him painting graveyard, oil, 1952, by igor vasiljev; mona's wife was in another room adjacent to his office, at that moment she came out & into the office not saying anything and it appeared as if she was upset thinking that i wanted to jinx him with that work, on the first following occasion when there was some misunderstanding i was kicked out of family's view. that painting whose theme btw is consistent with Igor's major works was later acquired by an art collector of igor vasiljev works and it is now one of the major works in that other collection). and
b) regret becoming lifelong enemy of dr. prostrn who truly is a weird, weird cookie but a suprisingly likeable lying greedy scum, nevertheless. 
also, even though i would rather opt not to buy anything american - for my ruined life -  there are some things i just have to because there are not any better substitutes out there and these are nike shoes, fender guitars as well as macdonald's food, the quality is quality. 

take a first step of a 100 miles march - end hooliganism in serbia, first off, close off football stadiums in the city at any cost and less than 10% of the problem will be solved. create neighborhood watch patrols to eliminate drug problems around schools. prohibit sale of dangerous items such as knives, lasers, firecrackers. these are only some basic ideas as it would take many years to eradicate evil in Serbia. all politicians’ children are on the safe grounds overseas, but why would anyone want to live here with erratic situation as it is. so someone must do something. as I was walking my dog after 11 PM tonight (31st of march 2016) first we were despitefully laughed at by the group of kids huddling up around veselin maslesa schoolyard’s entrance who recognized my English bullterrier from approx. 200 yard distance and then as we proceeded to bypass these late night party we went down to autokomanda park only to realize that a group of what appeared to be 12 to 15 hooligans was heading towards us from the bluff nearby red star stadium, which is approx. 500 yards distance, and as I saw some laser lights shined on the trees in the park around us I then decided to strike the trail back home at once. i thought it was safe walking in belgrade around 11:00 PM, guess not, early in the morning must be the safest time. now eyes hurt from laser exposure. not interested of experiencing the destiny of Brice Taton although i could have been killed when i was attacked last time (as i had described in this blog earlier). 
yes i am a sissy for saying it out loud, but i cannot help it - someone must separate sport and politics as cacoons of evil lay in the woodwork of politics next to ignorance. these are my thoughts.
run a river through belgrade, knowledge is in the water. deprived of sunshine i was only coming out of my hideout in the evening and last evening i ate frikom's icecream vanila cone that created additional pain in my life today, i am so weak i can barely stand. a friend of mine said you were probably poisoned as most likely they threw out first (in the spring time with warmer temps) the no good stuff, unfrozen and frozen again. and i can tell you a few days ago when i was feeling better, i wanted a pancake and coffee, but to a sick man water is everything. i can only assume, in the end with the last man standing and dying in mortal pain there will be no drinking water left. 
I must say that next to being isolated from normalcy and permanently harassed by my countrymen, I am starting to experience lack of communication with practically 90% of those that had previously communicated with me. it all started when my cellular phone got stolen in October 2015. I went downtown to police headquarters to let police track it and signed some authorization for the police that i had not read at the time - now i regret. I have many proven enemies (ultimate evil with unlimited reach and power) in the ranks of Serbian national security service (aka BIA - equivalent to the U.S. FBI and CIA) and hence Im worried if someone got a hold of my phone there and malevolently undermined all of my relationships. it is not impossible in serbia and i have no other explanation. those relationships were definitely systematically undermined and the only ones who have power to do anything of such a magnitude in Serbia are: God, Novak Djokovic and BIA what God and Novak Djokovic certainly did not do.
this comes after the fact that some art collectors had prevented me from getting in touch or continuing communication with other art collectors. utilizing mode divide et impera, they created a situation whereby some really good but perhaps naive people started to hate me without a good reason. things have gotten so bad that bold transparence against rivalry, jealousy, unfair advantages, gangstalking, vicious attacks and harassment as reflected in this blog remains the only option. 

this degree of hatred to me is just amazing, today, april 3rd 2016, as I bought two different newspapers and asked the newspaper-stand man, downtown, to let me breeze through the third newspaper to check if there is a culture section inside, for all that time, about a minute, he kept hiding a laser pointed at my eyes that I only realized that when I raised my head to thank him. he then made a quick move and put it down then.

this move was what appeared to me and it explains the terrible burning pain in and around eyes –  | that is why I have not stated exactly where it happened – as I  am not sure 100%, where from this person would have gotten a laser all of a sudden, he does not sleep with it, does he? | - and irritating cloudy vision i am experiencing 12 hours later, but as i was going to an antique fair where i have many enemies it is also possible that i was sniped by somebody else from an ambush. it really got me this time as most likely the exposure was intense, very close and/or maintained for a prolonged period of time.
now my eyes and skin around them burn, eyes feel stiff and sore again and I have gotten new additions to a myriad of blobs and fishnets traveling in them going left and right, up and down. my vision got weird again, impaired and underexposed. this is beyond sick and cruel, this torturing of the subject in such a perfidious fashion is higher level of bigotry. WHEN IT FIRST STARTED - IT WAS NOT JUST A PRANK, BUT IT WAS DESIGNED TO PLAINLY MAIM WITH THE HELP OF THESE STOOGES, PAWNS AND IDIOTS WHO DO THESE THINGS TO ME AROUND TOWN. AND I AM SURE, KNOWING THE SERBIAN MIND, THAT THIS PLOT WAS NOT PREPARED IN SERBIA ONLY BUT SOME PLACE ELSE AS WELL. UNFORTUNATELY FOR MY WELL BEING, SERBS UNCRITICALLY ACCEPT AND PROMOTE UNHEARD OF VIOLENCE! YET, I CAN ONLY SUFFER AND THERE IS NOONE TO COMPLAIN TO UNLESS I WANT MYSELF OFFICIALLY LABELED CRAZY BY THE SERBS WHICH MUST BE THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF THIS UNHUMAN TORMENT ONLY THEN ADDING INSULT TO AN INJURY.
My life has become a free-for-all-Serbs, if you know what I mean. any asshole can walk right into my life and make an immediate mess and misery out of it, disturb my peace of mind and many Serbian assholes are utilizing their chances. Serbs, in general, are only escalating situation, a great number has no intentions of leaving me alone. there is a new method of gang-stalking when they are trying to disturb and harass me which is quite annoying and that is by revving their engines to the max when going past me – especially the Serbian public transportation’ drivers and mafia like figures driving powerful hot rods with deep tinted windows, they are making quite a few decibels that even a ~ 10 year old child – who was accompanied by his dad – had to place hands over its ears. I am sure that all of them will submit the results of their efforts somewhere because they are not doing it only to hurt me but to be and become somebody in the Serbian community. They want to be celebrated most likely as new heroes, patriots and the punishers. I wanted to scream and tell Prince Charles oh, please, Sir, do not come over-here!!! In reality, cannot do nothing. I do not see a way out of this pandemonium. The only thing I see is more retinal injury and scars in my eyes as I m only sure that they have got the logistics to keep maiming me 24 – 7. 

in serbia, the discrediting rumors placed by retired BIA* (*Serbian CIA equivalent) agents or their stooges alone would be enough to make a sane person crazy. for goodness sake this is serbia, you do not have to sip polonium in somebody’s drink. for mere 50 bucks you can hire drug addicts that will do the dirty job and stab your enemy with hypodermic HIV+ or HEP b / HEP c + needle in the mass chaos during a rush hour on Serbian public transport which translates to slow and painful death for the victim. once you were made an overly exposed target by the ‘system’ all those around you seem suspicious, in other words I see Trump’s problem now, out of all Muslims you do not know which ones belong to 0,0001% that you cannot trust, it is not written on their foreheads.
ho hum, in serbia problem seems to be deeper than just that, I have not had a person willing to play tennis with me since 2003. people are afraid knowing the influence of my serbian enemies. it is disgusting, this Serbian perfidious hatred, they do not just hate you, they despise you next to trying to harm and maim you. then behind your back it is all brouhaha enjoyment. I’ve got two words for you - Serbian backstabbers. the serbs believe they have the authority to judge me and they have found me guilty whereas those
somewhere in america that had allowed them to judge and persecute me are not conscience-stricken neither will they find a new sympathy for this suffering.
scratch mark on my back of unknown origin that i discovered - it started to burn - after a ride on moderately crowded serbian public transport, there is a needle size pierce hole damage on my jacket in the exact same area as this scar on my back. 

if you only know how many wrecked, flawed and rogue types are roaming around Belgrade serbia never minding anything with “cannot lose anything now” attitude while trying to attain national gratitude and admiration like Gavrilo Princip has gotten – coming across the ultra exposed victim and target like me, at hand. if this only would be the single fear I am going through on daily basis?! yet again, how many of those that hate me work at Belgrade coffee shops and restaurants that I would like to frequent but cannot out of fear that they will poison me?! The enemy is all around you, just faceless like ISIS, while I cannot be more exposed than I am now. i feel like Salman Ruzhdi would feel being around Tehran. I guess life in serbia is possible but very hard to far as feeling freedom, and if i compare myself to Ruzhdi (i write though), there an't much difference between Iran and Serbia.

i am sure that when reading these lines, many in serbia delight and rejoice in the perverseness of evil. and just like you cannot turn plain rocks to gold, no alchemy or 911 (N11 code) will change these people to be better countrymen towards me. as someone stated on the 'net, somebody's drinking the keep it raw blog hatorade. on one side I am doomed. but on the other, since most likely there may be a solution for everything, I assume my misery could only be shared and helped by some American (Oregon, Utah, etc) or British female missionary or doctor-without-a-border with enough courage to go nearby isis territory and do some humanitarian work. In other words there is a chance that I won’t spend the rest of my life alone in Serbian solitary confinement virtually free of human contact.shall i ever recover? or shall i forever remain the sorrow recycling artist?(this should be taken lightly as dying man's joke).my conclusion: psy-op dept. of one large force on this planet - the united states - cannot do better than to ruin life of one individual primarily by exposing it to rotten, dangerous and destructive elements in serbia, it is impossible to imagine this sort of unwanted attention (harassment, gangstalking, attacks) was directed by my free will without the masterminding help of CIA or BIA and their henchmen: lowlives, criminals, hooligans, "nationalists", murderers, etc. in other words if i wanted to become a star of any sort without underlying qualities in me like Djokovic has, that would be impossible to attain. on the other hand it is equally impossible to draw and attract the hatred and attention of entire nation onto you without the help of hate mongering agencies - you can try but hardly anyone will notice you. i feel as if i was forced to live the rest of my life in a den filled with venomous serpents that have been biting you for over 13 years but every bite creates that bit of anti venomous resistance in your body. in addition i feel as Jesus Christ and His Army are my only allies but serbs and americans are tougher than Jesus! from my point of view, nobody can beat evil or forces of darkness on this planet. period. at least in America the plain americans were not getting organized to maim or hurt me! here it is nuts here !
I have been in the center of national rift and divide that goes on for centuries, the exact same reason why so many former serbs were forced to leave the matrix separating into other nations around serbia that are better off now in all aspects but perhaps the geopolitical. i know this because i had these thoughts, to become antiserbian out of protest. legend has it, this Serbian wild quality of attacking its own kind like human pit bulls has been marked by the four inverted letters "С" in serbian coat of arms (Слога = Serbian for Unity). that being one of the reasons why there are so many bitter enemies in the goddam balkans. serbs are the notorious Kool Aid drinkers. that is why I vouch – in a dog-eat-dog world where the artificial turmoil has been created by designated agencies - the most Goddam sort is the pit bull variety. i mean it would not help if i went downtown belgrade screaming from the top of my lungs: c'mon people, what did i do to you, for goodness' sake leave me alone, what did i do?!
however, nothing justifies the collective guilt and both the immature and special Serbian love and attention dedicated to Novak Djokovic
(who happens to be my idol too – which makes me what – not Serbian enough?) make an exception that proves the rule. In other words, Im the only one here that serbs (will) reject. they are wired onto my presence like staffies and not letting go. serbia is the country where even the dumbest serbs were allowed to achieve peaceful family lives, not me. talking about being screwd. i feel brainraped, sickened and abused by many. 
there are murderers, rapists, drug dealers, thieves in serbia like no other place on the planet but i do not know their names or where they live neither they are bothered publicly nor gang stalked by serbs in a way they do it to me. i am treating my dog much better than what my many countrymen do to me, but they were given the right to judge and harass me for kicks. life is unfair, but this situation is far from being close to normaL. there are some people that bring the wind of vindication, but unfair treatment prevails in times when i decide it is safe to leave the self imposed house arrest in order to have less interaction with locals and catch a breath of fresh air, things still happen then and it is exactly why i decided to make some comparisons, me against Djokovic because what has been going on has been totally unfair. das ist life. someone is living it up and someone is sentenced to suffer. i bear no more hopes that someone will vindicate me in this lifetime for the atrocious crimes I committed. Serbs are the greatest avengers of the world. I feel as if I had respectively raped at least a daughter, mother and sister to any one of those that are after me. such is their hatred. there has not been a day in my lifetime here that some serb did not retaliate against me out in the public. like today (29th of march 2016) old lady with mean looking eyes and shitty yellow colored hair that works at the register in kokamar store on vojvode stepe boulevard – she was playing with the price scanner until she had a chance to point it up straight into my eyes. when she did – it gave her satisfaction. It also reminded me that hostility factor when applied to Serbian nation is near 100%. when they know who or what the target is, they give their maximum. of course, my left eye feels like a raw wound entire afternoon. I do not have that much money but if I had I would offer to all serbs that did this to me in the past 100 euros to point that laser – price scanner into their eyes for an hour. If they think it is nothing, they would be paid well. if cumulatively i would add up all injuries, emotional and physical wounds that i have suffered from serbian people in the past, i am positive that my disabilities would amount to over 90%!
it feels as if serbia has no attention span when I am not mentioned every 5 seconds. these guys made a habit stalking me and now try to stay relevant by creating dangerous controversy about foreign investors weighing complex mix of risks all due to my blog.

May 7th 2016: for example, at Slavija Antique Fair that takes place on Saturday’s and Sunday’s in Belgrade there are at least a dozen guys that will do anything for as low as 20 bucks, war veterans, shady figures, etc. among them. I can imagine someone has been paid a little to wait for you to exit to snipe you with powerful blue lasers from their waits, whether it is some car parked nearby somewhere or some other position, no problem. almost every time I go there I have new signs that I was sniped such as fresh eye discomfort, gritty and sore eyes, new major uncomfortable moving black spots in vision. and so why do i go there? i am an art collector i have to risk my life and my eyes in order to satisfy the collecting need, my eyes are in real pain (gritty) and discomfort (moving black spot) now, 20:07 PM, and it goes on every time I visit this fair where I believe I have many "enemies" (in reality I do not have enemies, dealing only with the people that hate someone they consider smarter, probably an ego type thing) as I had wrote (sic!) of some of them in this blog. situation is so crazy I cannot understand anything as to why the things are going on the way they are, the only thing that makes sense is: I am in Serbia. noone has stepped onto my side. before that I could not figure out why George Bush administration wanted to mess with me and ruin my existence. it feels as if they had given these people the green light and the go ahead to proceed in harassing and maiming me. so for it.
jumping topic, most likely, as i do not know who any of these people on the following images are and they had been inadvertently and mistakenly showing as the only friends on my viber network when i got a new phone, thus i believe some of them got a hold of my old phone SAmsung S5 in october 2015, and were messing with it, so either them were the ones who illegally kept my phone messing up my life in the process or the police took the phone from them and started doing tricks so i feel as being in the loaded serbian pandemonium instead of just a mere serbian Hell (where you read "outgoing call" this was when i tried contacting them from my newly bought Samsung S5 to find out what the truth is and whether they kept my old Samsung S5 cellular but, of course, there were no answers):


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