Monday, September 28, 2015

In Whose Name?

there was an international fair of numismatists in hotel slavija, belgrade, last weekend and i took my guard down only to experience a tremendous deal of eye pain as someone secretly sniped me with laser beam there. it is still lasting as i am writing on october 29th, 2015, at 12:12 AM. there were people there that do not like me, the people that had been in a jail for long time, people that killed people… and i am thinking 'even sgt. bergdahl had better treatment with taliban' – the taliban were not popping his eyes out. whoever destroyed my family in the united states and sent me to serbia to become the object and target of these serbian persecutors in this miserable habitat did not accomplish any intended or aimed punishment unless the punishment was to destroy me physically. namely, i had a coke™ in united states and i have it here. i drove in united states, i am driving here. i have mobile connections, viber you name it. even the serbian landscape is same as pennsylvania, same geo latitude next to similar billboards on the road, not much difference. could be that people are different, i do not recall that i was ever terrorized in the usa like here. if persecution is taken out of equation, as i would not like to return to the united states for another devastating surprise (in comparison to american devastating surprises, if ten black guys just raped me i would have swallowed that, i'd feel much better now), so if serbian persecution is taken out of equation the only thing i do not have available in serbia is the thing someone in the united states had destroyed and that is: my marriage, in addition to current inability to start a new family with another person (some European sweetie pie; if you think this is a joke, it's sarcastic) because i have been treated like the worst (public?) enemy in serbia. and beyond that. so i will repeat to whomever it may concern: sgt. bergdahl had a better treatment with taliban than i do have in serbia. and as far as my marriage and family life are concerned, nobody cared because in their eyes i am a less important being than any animal. that issue -  my life destroyed forever - was swept under the carpet; noone said 'sorry', let alone produced will to hear the other side - my story.


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