Monday, February 15, 2016

real fun days in serbia


finally i have succumbed to the sickness following years long unfounded terrorization. I’ve been told if those highly stressful things were happening to other men for three days in a row they would have died from stress within 72 hours. as far as me personally by today i have endured approx. 113.520 hours of terror in serbia and this record is hard to beat.

even though i am the victim of unjustified oppression i think i still have some rights as i can prove i am human being. for example i have id card that animals do not have. i must say animals in the jungle have more rights and liberties than i do have in serbia. my human rights have been nonexistent. even if i had been found guilty of anything they should not had done that to me. i have been exposed to public harassment on the street performed by millions of serbs. no animal is subjected to that type of terror or harassment.

in addition to that, there is a massive public hatred. for starters, i would recommend that everyone in serbia reads a book by Prof. Dr Jovan Maric: What Are We Serbs Like? on page 27 of this book Prof. Maric says that collective public hatred is more dangerous than individual hatred as it is necrophilistic and collective public hatred ends up only when the target that is being hated is finally destroyed which means that serbs will never cease hating me and that their final goal is my destruction.


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