Thursday, September 24, 2015

a very friendly place, a loving place

you can bet your ass
i realized at what moment the joke was over - here in serbia
recently, as i was walking through slavia square with two girls in their twenties
i forgot who they were - could have been they asked me for directions
explanative: nobody known to me esp. females, wants to hang around out of plain fear of being harassed on the grounds of guilt by association.
suddenly then two police officers were coming our way, male and female
as they were passing by, the male cop made a statement to female officer:
(illegible) this pedophile again!

so do i need a permit to be the artist in serbia? why are they thinking about me let alone commenting? am I so important?
i do not know what is going on and why but i feel my constitutionally guaranteed liberties have been inhibited and limited for years on end.

my question is: if serbs have such lowly opinion about me, how am i going to be
celebrated in london, beverly hills, jerusalem, abu dabi?


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