Thursday, September 17, 2015

while trying to keep serbian demons off my back

so far my communication with serbs was one-sided: either they were beating me up or spitting at me. having in mind my future and well-being, i'd rather communicate with trees and animals 

following a near death experience when i was beaten without warning by an unknown serbian thug 40 yards away from my house i do not trust this country and its people anymore. this evening at around midnight i stood in my yard watching over my dog when a group of three men and a woman was walking their two illyrian sheepdogs in the street. as soon as they saw me they started walking macho watching over me dominantly while one of them said: psycho! and another one started coughing as in disgust. of course i felt uneasy, because myself i feel it is the matter of basic politeness not to disrupt people in their own homes but tend not to notice them. had been a sponge again, soaked this nasty comment up. nothing will roll off my back these years. so yes, things bother me deeply. i wonder who are these men? i felt if i had said something in protest they would’ve not hesitated to kill me, that sort of men they were - wish i was Scottish so nobody attacked me with impunity. when i think about serbia i think lowlifes, crime, drugs, prostitution, unsanctioned violence, underworld, nothing positive and nothing good except NOVAK DJOKOVIC and some sports. when i think about the united states of america i think betrayal and torture: they sent me to serbia without a chance to bring anything i earned in usa for over ten years and on a top of that they ruined my marriage and i have not seen my child in over 13 years! who is the psycho here?! me? or someone in the united states who enabled these serbian thugs to maltreat me by opening all cans of worms and saying (metaphorically!) – here! that is your guy, your target, whatever! finally, there was no explanation for any of these actions that ruined my ex-life. i am afraid to say many more things that are wrong with serbia, i had dissented a long time ago. bia – its secret service – is fighting hard to prevent serbian Prince to regain throne, probably the last chance for serbia to save itself from a certain ruin. at least, there is an outlet in the shape of this blog where i can dig in everything that bothers me while trying to keep these serbian demons off my back


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