Wednesday, December 23, 2015


dear readers, i gave my writing a rest in order to see if aggressive people in serbia will come to mind. but no. you cannot fix stupid.

i feel betrayed by the United States of America who should not let me come to serbia exposed. either they had wanted to harm me and did that on purpose or they made a mistake. i am entirely apolitical and did not harm anyone so i do not deserve this brutal reaction from the serbs. i came here 13 years ago and everyday i feel an ultimate and brutal hatred that i often wish to forsake everything that connects me to this doomed land.

for example today i spoke my mind in front of dr radivoje papovic who was a high political asset with Slobodan Milosevic back in a day. i do not have an opinion regarding Slobodan Milosevic and his people, i just want to be left alone, period. still, i was attacked today by radivoje papovic for mentioning along to him that the painting he brought to the experts for  inspection does not look anything like the work by the artist. of course i picked my words, and provided my opinion only after the experts expressed theirs, all i said was that it does not look right to me either. suddenly, all hell broke lose as dr papovic went into the rage mode making all sorts of man made noises so obviously he knew who i was as this is happening often in serbia. two younger husky associates in his company also gave menacing looks of hatred and i felt highly unsafe. in other words this guy was a rector at kosovo. or perhaps he still is, i do not know. my point is, if he is allowed to behave in such a way towards me - which by itself exemplifies to other serbs what should they do to me - what is then to be expected of regular folks with much lesser credibility?!!! terrible situation.  


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