Thursday, March 03, 2016

Djokovic, serbia, Bible

kicking of the dead corpse that's excatly what is going on here in serbia
the products of the american actions from the past and current deeds of those living in serbia.

i m probably the only not-so-important guy out there that any serbian P.O.S. and local white trash can disturb with impunity while flexing their muscles and trying to maim me under the auspices and perhaps even logistic support of serbian government and its gung ho proxies (e.g. retired or off duty counter intelligence and military officers, rogue political figures) that are building 'serbia right or wrong' egoes while instilling the perfect picture and sense of who are the serbian enemies and traitors. this includes all other minorities that live in serbia. so not only serbs are involved in the persecution and harassment but others too. i will never forget nor forgive the united states
of america for overexposing my presence while allowing and doing this to me. i hereby renounce my serbdom as well as americandom (like anyone cares.)

March 3rd 2016: tonight as I was going through three to four feet wide passageway that connects vojvode stepe boulevard and gostivarska street in Belgrade, Serbia, while trying to avoid what appeared to be a large oncoming group of 20-year old young males that was coming down vojvode stepe blvd I encountered a group of three to four 17-20 years old young serbian males while the head of the pack kept pointing some blue light into my eyes as of the moment they saw me until I was passed which lasted 20 - 25 seconds – this blue light obviously was not a cellular phone neither a flashlight. it really does not matter if that was a harming blue type laser or not – it matters that I was attacked again. because this guy's intention was clear and unambiguous, he was either harming me and/or wanted me to think that i was being harmed. half an hour later which is current time i experience double, blurry vision and burning eye pain. fyi, i m following this up on the following day as well, i still have eye pain and problems. at 20:50 PM in darkness when this took place I could have engaged this group in the small corridor but I did not. my immediate thoughts - and I was thinking about it all the way home - were not who were these Serbian bastards but my thoughts were about those who created this situation in my life: American and Serbian governments, George W and his administration, Serbian military leaders and counter intelligence spies, and about those who are different as the smallest hope for Serbia like Novak Djokovic that perhaps is the tiniest light in the serbian pandemonium of evil, madness, terror and darkness. in the last 50 years this country was ruled by iron fist and political killings and oppression were the business mode so the aggressive mentality weeds into this habitat well. i have not got a know-how for dealing with this situation. those that led me into this pandemonium have no desire to put a stop to it unless they choose to kill or maim me one way would be through their puppets like the said hoodlums. the consequences are visible on me. i m stunned at chances to come across these bastards while trying to avoid someone else. almost seems as the perfect jinx. after this experience with the worst and lowest of the low people on planet i've got not a feeling but i know that unpurified primordial ignorant evil dwells in this country. had thought not coming out of house after 9PM in serbia was a safe bet; not! this all reminds a bit of the Peckinpah's movie the warrriors, as practically i cannot reach any destination in this city without getting into trouble, esp. now that my car is eliminated out of my life. the difference is: this is not a movie, i am truly hurt and maimed while everyone knows about it and i am not getting paid for going through this hell neither for writing about it. obviously noone in the world has got any interest for what serbs are doing to each other and among themselves which makes me the ultimate victim and scapegoat as there is no remorse in serbia whatsoever.
I will be sorted when someone makes a terrible mistake around here and brings this society to the letter square where I currently belong to make a fair run for all things normal. currently, I have no chances at all. I was thinking a lot about novak djokovic and what makes him so special and different from the people I meet on daily basis who are full of spite. I almost want to root against him when I experience all the harassment on Serbian streets. There is practically no answer. I survived 18 “blacks” when I mistakenly entered watts street compound in philly and in comparison to the serbs I meet I can wash feet of all of these blacks that screamed "somebody get a gun to kill the motherfucker." the "blacks" let me live. they were more plain, more normal. These guys here have got no clue. Why are they after me? out of pure spite is my wild guess. even the high school girls – 15, 16 years of age – are eager to push and shove and they do when near like in the trpkovic bakery on dusanovac today. they are itching for the physical contact to deliver blows, from behind, usually
when taking into account that my ideal comparison for what is good and bad are Biblical times, the one who helped serbs make their "terrible mistake" in my case with impunity and get me where I am at now – George W. is not God for me, he is one of the bad guys from the Bible whereas God made sure that nobody suffers…not on Geroge W's watch 

I’ve got one big F-U for all those bullies and bullying, public lynching and gangstalking supporters who have a beef with me but have no guts to come forth to let me know in person what is their problem with me.
i m not complaining that serbia is the boondocks, nor that life here has no quality. i am ticked off about the fact that even in the jungle you are allowed to better your existence (for example, there are many successful and happy family folks living in namibia) and have your piece of a cake while in serbia i m not allowed to achieve anything that counts but instead have been constantly scrutinized, harassed, ignored and bullied. my Gosh i do not have a vehicle to stay away from public transportation and large crowds where majority of attcks occur but take a Google tour of Belgrade and see how many cars are there on the streets and what homes let alone families serbs have. yet they behave as i m guilty for their drawbacks and misery when all illusions of grandeur backfire and they are taking it out on me, full force.


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