Friday, February 19, 2016

Biblical Proportions of Harassment and Punishment

The only reason my English Bullterrier is constantly concerned that something does not happen to me is because he is English, he has got a good anticipation and every time I leave home, he goes wild because he feels something bad may or will happen to me in Belgrade, Serbia. 

I think Im finally beginning to put all the pieces of who destroyed my family and who has been making my life miserable for almost quarter of the century together.

As I entered Belgrade’s Tehno Art High School today I was immediately attacked by the gang of students who shoved and spat at me inside the school. I was taken by surprise there, about 3 1/2 hours ago, then they moved outside. I had never seen any one of them ever before neither Im able to identify anyone, it was so quick. The truth is, they all know me, but no one will ever admit it. Read on why... Im sure cameras covered what happened but out of respect for the person I went to visit, I did not want to make a big fuss about it there.

Yesterday, middle aged gentleman who was walking child waited until I got near him to spit by in disgust. Hard wind brought the spit onto my face.

I had written about it earlier, the first one who started the spitting thing in Belgrade was my neighbor Vojkan Milosevic who is also the Director of the Center for Counter-terrorism in Belgrade and the member of the Knights of Malta under the command of José Manuel Costa according to web search.  According to same search, if the Knights of Malta are after me, another influential member of this Roman Catholic order is Vojislav Seselj, a political personality with many supporters in Serbia especially amongst the hooligans and gung ho far right extremists…hence every public walk I take in Serbia is huge risk to my well being and security. Every ride in the public transportation and every close proximity to any Serbian person anywhere – because I do not know if they are supporters of Knights of Malta or their leaders – is high risk for my well being and security. Practically, with so many enemies in Serbia a person like me has got no reason to further exist next to constant provocations on the street by unknown people which you do not do to even animals in the zoo. It is as simple as that. I have no desire to remain in Serbia whatsoever, I would never return to the USA, naturally I would not go to Malta or any other place where there is a greater chance that I would be attacked again. Is there such place on Earth? I would say that all my enemies and I cannot name but a few of them - because I do not know who they are - are residents of Serbia. There are many of them and one common thing is the same for all of them: - they hate my guts. I had known some members of secret orders  and societies in the US but they were nothing but great help, no one ever wanted to spit at or try to destroy me or my life in any fashion whatsoever.

I think the administration of George W Bush and Serbian secret services  are solely responsible for my situation as they created it and then maintained my “guilt” as the cunning conspirators pointing to all the innocent passers-by, while getting away  by creating an utter confusion shouting “There goes the thief, there goes the thief…”. This situation has not changed since, my life is completely ruined, my family is ruined, the pressure is constant and they do not allow me to step out into the better life and claim my peace of mind and future. They are holding me tied as the mongrel beast on the leash while they are constantly attacking and pushing me while hustling other people - their followers - into the attack modes.  Eventually I think I may have insulted some friends  of George W Bush unknowingly for this is the biblical proportion of harassment and punishment.


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