Monday, March 07, 2016

the most hated and the most adored serbian

like someone said:  women like to know where a man is with his life. watch the behavior of any herd. who’s got the cows? the biggest, strongest bull. americans and serbs like to think of themselves that way, to be the strongest bulls around. i am only the bystander who got beaten, stalked and shoved around by the big bulls. it’s still a role in this lifetime.
This blog is about traumas inflicted upon Milos Vujasinovic. "she belongs to me" - some american said to his father in the presence of me and my ex-wife and i heard it, meaning my ex-wife was meant for him. by no means what happened to me later on was judge's mistake of any sort, it was a judicial favor to some American
(American Jewish judge made a decision in favor of the American Jewish fireman | If my hard-to -be-believed-suspicions are true, I do not carry an anti Jewish sentiment over this| – namely, our landlord’s son – who “wanted” my wife, or had shown aspirations at least)
as americans assume with inborn power they hold they can have everything and everything was meant for them as a trophy. as far as i was concerned, even though, i surely felt american - i was never accepted as one and was always dispised, taunted and abused as a "half breed". american actions made me lose all inhibition while there and later in serbia, the place where i was banished to.
some americans, they had tried to steal and utilize my wife but when they realized it was not what they wanted and hoping for | they must thought she was easy & it was a mistake she was with me because to them i had appeared as the super stupid person | they aborted their plan and let me down and kicked me to serbia torn up to pieces. plus to cover up the tracks of their wrongdoings they ordered their serbian cohorts to harass me further down to oblivion.
as a proof I keep over 50 long letters she wrote to me during the first year of artificially created separation which was implied and ordered by the american government.

today, march 7th 2016‏‎, ~ 11:12 PM: as I was nearing the entrance to komercijalna bank at #101, vojvode stepe blvd. in belgrade I was attacked by these two serbian construction workers, photos enclosed. as they saw me coming one of them threw some hollow pipe onto the ground which made an incredibly deafening noise; my ears are still hurting 12+ hours after this had happened. I am the artist who is into music and fine art so damaging my vision and hearing ruins what has left of my miserable life – and even though I was not nearly most hated person in america like for example timothy mc veigh was – I assume that I would handle the blast type noise such as it was at the site of Murray building in Oklahoma City much more easier than what happened here in serbia today. I was trying to imagine what would happen if these assholes saw Novak Djokovic approaching them. Would they also throw this hollowed metal pipe to deafen Novak? Or would they put it down in the most polite fashion possible? And I also wonder what would happen if serbs damaged the hearing or vision of the world’s most famous composer, conductor or violinist for that matter? They are capable of that nevertheless. In addition to that, I must say that I have not performed any action that undermined the well being of any serbian person whatsoever while on the other hand Novak Djokovic has put extremely high standards for Serbs to achieve as the rest of the world consequently has got as equally high expectations for the serbian community. He cranked up the contrast that intensifies transparence between his "can't touch this" achievements and national as well as individual serbian shortcomings. surely here concerning Djokovic i am hairsplitting but by contrast what did i do by doing this nation even lesser harm that Novak Djokovic did?!! a number of serbs behave as they must torture me like some bug or animal, they behave as if i had done something terrible to them, their children, their parents, husbands or wives, THEY ARE FULL OF SPITE, ANGER AND REVENGE, it is the Biblical proportion of hatred, indeed. i have barely made it through a couple of beatings and never imagined this blog would come off this far. i have never thought my living and safety in serbia would become a liability. (last minute note, march 16th: after posting this article some people in serbia i had considered to be friends started showing animosity through deeds, something I would not do to them; most likely as a result of misinterpreting my writings here - I was not criticizing Novak Djokovic at all, but they believe as soon as I mentioned name I had to be blaspeming the Saint, "he insulted God - let's kill him or maim him" nonsense which turned to be my reality; if i had not mentioned something they all understand, cherish and feel there would not have been a way i could explain my problems some of them bear with me. in doing so, as a result of mentioning my favorite tennis player Novak Djokovic i have suffered new harassments and health damages while the pride, the least important thing here, since even to me this blog sounds like a damn shame, has long gone - neither them nor I cannot hurt my pride no more) I do not know what is going on and why such hatred has been spawned, engineered and masterminded, but it is hurting me almost every day esp. as an artist. my motto should be relax in your misery, enjoy when they are doing you harm, otherwise kill yourself if you cannot take hurting. do you know how many times unnecessary harm like this today was done to my vision, to my hearing - it is almost unimaginable and unbelievable? even if serbs as patsies finally realize that they are wrongdoing me, there are many of those who do not care hurting others; the can of worms is opened and the joke is over; I cannot forgive because I was harmed beyond repair. the vision and audio are my tools to communicate with the rest of the world and right now I feel that my hearing ability was reduced to a certain point below the excellence that i am thriving for. at 1:38 AM on march 8th, inside my right ear it feels highly uncomfortable, it is in dull irritating pain, and i am sure i suffered hearing loss. it feels like I am in a tunnel and almost like there is a ripped tissue scarring inside from the very blunt force of pressured air. Is this the serbian tough guys daily agenda and priority?
the only difference right now in my life does my dog – English bullterrier - who changes the energy around when he sees me. I am in desperate need of reprieve from this pain and suffering and when my dog is around some magic just happens. I feel loved and my stress goes down and it helps me to forget what I am going through here in serbia for being most likely the most hated guy around.
as my Serbian friend said, you can shit yourself into somebody’s life here in serbia for only 100 dollars; if somebody wants - they will make you leave this town. I believe someone shat themselves into my life for free as you do not have to pay multiple prepotent people that thrive on culture of violence, revenge and injustice to become your nightmare. it is a real liability for me to ride on the same public transportation with many people around even to cross the street at rush hour, you do not know who will snap at you right there or try to become public hero as jack leon ruby for i had been portrayed locally as the serbian lee harvey oswald, nothing less of that figure. my timeline has been broadcasted live into the minds of serbian people. they have no clue why they hate or want to hurt or maim me but the things that are quite strange and dangerous are going on - the guy came up to me in the bus yesterday (march 8th) all wired up like he was onto something but i am still wondering if he had the guts to kick me because i was in excruciating pain yesterday, i had promptly reported it to a friend i was meeting with although i did not say to him what might have been the cause of pain. i cannot accept the fact that i was kicked in the groin by somebody i have never seen in my life before but the pain cointinues even today. 
last minute news: several days ago, as I exited #33 bus yesterday I started walking down slavija square and all of a sudden I started smelling a pungent smell of acetic acid which lasted for several minutes until it faded out in my nostrils. how it was possible that the smell stuck in my nose for so long if it were not on my clothes or hair and/or body? was this another attack by someone in Belgrade Serbia? as i walk with my head bowed down in order not to provoke any conflict with serbian population, i did not see anything.
last minute, march 16th: another local problem that is not so personal: Horrible subculture as presented in American movies became the mainstream reality in Serbia. Serbs adopted and applied everything what was bad at the grass roots level. As I was passing by my old primary school today and saw what appeared to be seven and eight graders I felt nothing but mindboggling fear. I thought my generation was bad. Looking at those sub-cultural faces from Hell that remind me of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold I am sure that drugs, booze, decadence and bad music make people ugly, aggressive, untrustworthy and bad in general. If I was employer I would be scared to provide full confidence to some of these mugs. Not in America – American movies and American reality unless we are talking ghettos are two different things. Serbia is going down the tubes.
It is a daily harassment nobody cares about. when serbs are not humiliating or mocking me, they are getting very aggressive. I feel very lucky when I come back home mentally and physically unscathed from this city whose name does not deserve mention. I’ve been targeted by those so called mavericks who can get an immediate kick-start into Serbian stardom by injuring me. Several days ago I escaped a rear kick from one of them as I was exiting public transportation on slavija square. those who do not have a grip on the truth say: paranoia. having been beaten by serbs for no reason at all, one time to death almost. how paranoid is that?


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