Tuesday, March 03, 2015

i did not kill tupac, but they are after my eyes

this evening, march 3rd 2015: as i was coming home through a neighborhood - a bunch of six to seven young hoodlums was bumming on vojvode djurovica street (on the short portion of street right between jovana popovica and nestora zucnog streets) and since they know my vehicle (would serbs ever admit they singled me out for gang stalking?) one of them was flashing what appeared to be a laser light of some sort towards me. nevertheless my eyes burn as if I was tagged with laser. I believe I was.

my situation is best comparable to the following example – imagine if some individual that was labeled as tupac shakur’s killer was forced to live in tupac’s ghetto (tupac's thug life habitat). this is what my life in serbia has been like for years. so far, more than anything else, i would describe a good chunk of population here as being nothing but raw and rowdy thugs. i've never won using an intelligent argument within a serbian community.

true, good guys always finish last. when some gangster is assassinated in serbia, not one comment is made online because the same people that are after me are in real fear of consequences. in other words - on the contrary, to them i am nobody, somebody they do not have to fear messing with. and the season is open.

here is another confirmed attack today (two in one day?!! not too shabby). i wonder how long it will be before they completely blind me. my vision is impaired, cloudy and i have developed constant headaches which make me feel extremely agitated. 

today, around 14:35, i was driving behind a guy who was extending his left arm several times through the window waving this object in the air as if to get my attention and then he was pointing something that looked like a hand held laser backwards toward me, aiming. he meant to do mental and physical harm. if it was laser in his hand, he was doing both, but if he was only trying to “scare” me - it is obvious he was in for some mental harm. and this is not one sissy concluding. i am sure that anyone singled out from any society would object or even kill themselves for being so. his license plates are BG 661 RX (white Peugeot?) and i believe judging by the rear bumper-stickers it is the official car of sort.

if someone wants to find out more about why are they doing this in serbia, here, this guy is the lead, they should be chasing it. i am not going to risk my life by making false statements – i can swear on the Bible and do a polygraph testing about the facts i am presenting. i am ready to undergo medical exams with independent optician to confirm that my eyes have been damaged in serbia. and what about psyche?!
this helps but not too much, because my eyes burn esp. when i put this in, and they feel as if someone cut through them; nevertheless, my vision has been impaired.


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