Thursday, February 26, 2015

My life in Serbian ghetto

I must admit to one thing, my life has been ruined. And I know it by knowing one thing, I cannot be cool anymore. next chance for being cool will be when they physically end my life and finish their irrational deed. The fact is – everybody around has the opinion about me, and to be Painfully Honest – they all know me. That’s where the problem lies. If we do not admit to that – they – those that do gangstalking – will have a chance to judge me and lie about me. My problem was created on the government level. Because the facts are: my family is ruined without a due process or any judicial decision and I have not seen my child in twelve years as if nothing happened even though I had a fantastic family life. I can also complain that I am not allowed to have another chance to found a new family which those that did it to me can blame on me and my skills. If we do not acknowledge those facts where the system hurt me (which is impossible as Serbian nor American government won’t admit to anything) I will be labeled paranoid and schizophrenic which is not true. that by itself ruins my life everyday not to mention physical gangstalking where serbs produce lasers or pretend to do so. I do not know. Their actions are important.
as today I was close to taxi hub stop at autokomanda nearby partizan stadium at around 18:30 (February 26th 2015) and those serbs (serbs are not kind - kind of serbs) behaved like there was a brawl of some sort and one of them in the cab was pointing something bright red towards me intentionally like he meant a real harm. like he knew this laser rumor. You know what I mean. those are the ones full of shit kind of serbs that have premium taxi positions in the city, probably gotten by knowing the late arkan or just by being subsidized by the network of kosovar montenegrins which are tight as ticks – this guy looked like he was one of them (Kosovar Montenegrin). Montenegrins, nothing personal, think they are like gods allowed to kill a man and get away with it. they think they are the Spartans and Sioux of the Balkans, better, smarter, stronger than anyone else. I have roots too and Montenegrin friends, but some of these people can be the biggest assholes in the world. i feel sorry now for portraying myself as montenegrin while being in the united states promoting people that do not give a hoot about my well-being. with respect to my ancestry I hereby renounce any link, roots or heritage with these people even if it had existed in the past. Thanks but no thanks. Serbs and other serbians even teach their kids to hate me, I witnessed to that while waiting on traffic lights when the kids are glancing at me suspiciously, arrogantly and occasionally even shyly while their dads are like little foam-mouthed hitlers throwing their hands in the air hectically during the attacks of verbal menses.

I do not give a damn if they do have lasers or not, I am thinking about Serbian (serbians, serbs, montengrins, gypsies, et cetera, all those that live here) actions every second of my life. I may go to million places in the city and in 24 hours, it is amazing, there will be million serbs who will create million problems and won’t ruin just several days in a row. I am talking my entire life. my eyes hurt. God Almighty, what did they do to me?!! I have got to live on with injuries of all kinds. Did I deserve it?!! yes I did, I should have kissed someone’s ass. the real problem is the fact that they know me, and that by itself must be acknowledged. We must say no to gangstalking and ruining human lives. Whether I will lose my vision is important but second. i  have enough of my own problems already, this comes next to not coming out of home out of fear of being around serbs and problems they are causing and thus being glued to pc monitor for extra time and raised blood sugar levels due to enormous stress i am coming through. The most important thing is, they have been running down my life into the ground for the last 11-12 years. I have not been able to do anything right, let alone to find a partner in life. I had a few friends but those individuals were extra brave and crazy courageous to expose themselves to serbian grinding machine that is pure evil. and I am talking present day Serbia. let me make a comparison. twenty years ago I would have died and do anything to live in America, it was my alma mater. I put my life on the line for that country by signing for selective services, but I would not do it today. Neither I dream of going there. Serbia! as of 11-12 years ago, present day Serbia is a pure evil to me. imagine if someone was labeled tupac shakur’s killer and then placed in tupac’s ghetto. what a life of terror would that be?!! just imagine. serbs are not swiss, they are serbs and these that I know I would temper-wise compare to portoricans (by and large by stereotype) out of all nations in the world, not that there is anything wrong with that. You have all sorts of dog varieties. well guess, this situation happened to me. I feel many serbs are out there to get me and someone does add insult to injury all the time. Someone enjoys it. if their wild side would end up with just being arrogant or ignorant. This is hell. I am sure, this is the hell on earth.

judging by writings on serbiancafé.com (discussion: politics) and talking to some people: serbs officially believe they can destroy someone if that person IN THEIR EYES is threat to national security AS THEY SEE IT. in other words, by taking the matters of national security in their hands free for all season of killing is open if they only find themselves someone they do not like, and then they can rightfully in their minds destroy or disintegrate that person. in america angry people play video games and do pranks while problem here is they are physically hands-on justice-in-their-hands malicious executioners onto the selected targets and i am the easiest target since my only weapon is my intelligence. imagine if someone that does not even look angry but perfidiously cold and calculated decides whether you live or slowly die, and that happens by many on daily basis.
if someone’s deliberating if you are useful idiot or sentient pest, you cannot expect anything good there. if you are not able to hit back hard, then you have to protect yourself anyway you can.
last minute - 28th feb. 2015: for those in charge, instead of figuring out if these allegations are true and who is creating problems, i feel as if the pressure around me is intensified. i got another bruise on my vehicle this evening while shopping at maxi store - vojvode stepe str., and now i am positive that i have been targeted with lasers by organized group of some sort. the same or similar loosely affiliated "syndicates" have been trying to poison me (taskforce, multiple contracts) likewise. i can barely see from all those floaters in my eyes, burning sensations and my vision is becoming increasingly dull. i am afraid to exit home as potential threats could be almost anywhere. sometimes i made a mistake of accepting offered drinks at the people i do not know only to find out later they are backing radical political currents that promote violence against their potential opponents. abdominal and kidney problems immediately followed these occasions as if hardwired. also, while sitting at their homes in belgrade i am unsure if they were positioning me in the way so that their partners in crime could snipe me with lasers from buildings nearby.
neighbors i never heard of from adjacent street keep bright flood long range lights pointed into my windows and i can overhear them commenting loudly in reference to art when i am photographing for my collection, which is spying and who knows what else they and other paparazzo style gang-stalkers do; as far as neighborhood is concerned, intensified burning eyes sensations happen when i am doing yard chores or entering home so i feel there is a major laser nest in the neighborhood. with beltway sniper attacks there were two against 300 million, whereas in serbia there are many against just one. let alone "neighbors" in the military built highrise overseeing the entire neighborhood.  spying all over the city is quite an obvious affair - Hitchcockian voyeurism and obsession are on full display. these sobs will never leave me alone. I WONDER IF ANYONE REMEMBERS OPENING SENTENCE OF KAFKA'S "TRIAL": Someone must have been spreading slander about Josef K., for one morning he was arrested, though he had done nothing wrong. 
i did not do anything wrong either but i have million of bloodthirsty serbs on my trail. and a few of them are doing a real physical harm to me...
march 2nd 2015: around 14:00 hrs: Vozdovac, Belgrade, Serbia: as i was driving home from the store i was attacked with laser again today. there were three very tall and strongly built montenegrin looking guys waiting - two of them by the black limousine like in the B-gangster-movies (here in serbia/montenegro/bosnia/albania you cannot make difference between good and bad guys because they all look alike, dress similarly and drive same vehicles which one could obtain only with drug money – while in america you can make an immediate distinction if a secret service is before you - they are so obvious as far as their dignity goes as well - they are slow-mo like lions and not aggressive and lowly like hyenas)… the one i did not see at first was the one doing the sniping, he was in the driver’s seat. and then I allowed myself just a moment of relaxation and comfort. if i had put my sun visor down before passing by and before realizing the third one was at the driver’s seat i would have been all right probably. and then approx. 100 yards down, i came across their back up team - just moving out of their wait - an old guy, most likely their boss, and a younger woman in the consistently team-wise same op-fashion vehicle, though this one was an SUV, it was obvious they were not an immediate threat but just surveying the outcome. 
due to construction work in the neighborhood i could only pick and choose this way back to my place. once you get hit by laser which by the way anyone can obtain easily and they are not even classified as highly dangerous handicapping weapons, there is an immediate burning sensations around your eyes, dullness of vision and the confusion. when you settle down after several minutes, dullness of vision remains and it is very hard to concentrate, for all those floaters floating in your eyes and headache, not to mention enormous amount of stress and discomfort and feeling that you are in the jaws of powerful lawless animals whereby the legal and law enforcement system stands just to cover up an overall madness on the ground.  the loss of vision is permanent of course.

and the downside is: someone that does not like serbia can prolong / escalate this situation indefinitely because i will keep writing about any injustice for as long as i can see. 


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