Tuesday, February 17, 2015

do they want to eat my flesh?

 i believe that any normal human being 
would not endure this serbian hatred, 
prejudice and bigotry
for more than three straight days.
they would succumb to it soon, 
and would have jumped off 
some highrise or bridge. 
i've been a target for over 12 years now 
and that is why i think i am anything 
but the normal human being.
i've also been a very, VERY tolerant man.

it is amazing how much venom, ignorance and hatred i encounter in people on the streets of serbia, i must be the most hated person in this part of the world. because the things they do to me i would not call friendly, i as a victim could only classify it as pure hatred and animosity.
SOME comparable comparisons would be THE HATRED BETWEEN: turks - armenians, glasgow rangers - celtic fans, jews - hitler. just like isil (as admitted by sources: rodney shakespeare, mark dankof, tom engelhardt, steven kelley, arthur topham, hillary clinton, noam chomsky, et al.) I WONDER if this hatred was created, sponsored and maintained by someone out of serbia. even though i do not care and called it quits a long time ago, people here are like hyennas that smelled blood, they keep attacking for reasons known to them only. i cannot be eaten, or could i? 

If these things happen in Paris, France - Click here 
then you know it is many times worse in Belgrade, Serbia. I am just comparing not a targeted gang-stalking that is going on where I am not even wearing any garment like kippah that symbolizes adherence to any group or nationality. By this I mean when they spit in Belgrade it is much too more close for comfort than in Paris, France (review footage on 00:57"; 01:19".)  

i call it a lucky day when i do not encounter physical threats in serbia. if they would only keep spitting i would call it a lucky day. but they use lasers which permanently destroy eyesight of one individual! serbs!
just like today in vero supermarket, when the actions of one employee sparked the outrage of customers and other unsuspecting employees who then followed the nasty example - avalanche effect.
vero is greek owned supermarket chain where there comes a lot of arab refugees and the store i am talking about is located on vojvode stepe blvd. i felt employee animosity there even before esp. from the guy dressed in white bandana working in the meat section of the store.
as i passed him today and went into isle where he was not able to see me i overheard him saying to his colleague that collects carts from around the store: 'what a terrible, terrible creature.'
i tried to ignore his speech although i am sure that in comparison to me, any arab that comes to the store does get all their respect. 

why do serbs treat me as shit?!! i am the one who was born in this city? on the other hand they give their full respect and all privacy privileges to arab refugees that flooded this neighborhood, btw, there isn't anything wrong with that. however, it is beyond me, i do not have a criminal record and i have benefited to this society - serbia - more than 98% of its citizens in the past 12 years, still i am hated retardedly like an inhuman being around here. 


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