Wednesday, February 11, 2015


you can't make this stuff up

a long time ago, in America, someone armed with innuendo turned my life into chaos and crisis, and i have since become the crisis manager. probably the only man in the world who is not allowed to plan a family and lead a family life - even if someone would miraculously take gang stalking out of equation - let alone roam around town undisturbed and free (deprived of right to privacy and security.) I do not know dark forces that did it and how, however, covering up crime is a crime too. now, I live in Serbia...

I feel fear in Serbia, and it is right there around my heart. I've never felt this way before. I've never felt intimidated in United States even though I had been led to a prejudice [by the press and movies mostly; e.g. "Conspiracy Theory"(1997)] FBI or CIA are all killers. So in the country where you should've felt fear, being around CIA killers, I felt okay. Not now. I guess the problem may be that Serbia is a country where chaos is still dominant factor in everyday life. There is no order (not necessarily), so you may expect the worst from everyone, anytime and anywhere. and the things have been happening to me, that's why. 
the biggest insults and threats are coming from the crowd of those who perceive me as a threat and do not want to see me improving every day. when it comes to think about it, i've always been unreasonably perceived as threat by ignorant people in charge for no good reason whatsoever. that is why i am being back to square one day after day
FOR EXAMPLE TODAY, 13th of February 2015:
utilizing body language some serbs are pretending these days as if they are holding something dangerous in their hands when i am passing by, but it usually turns out those dangerous items are their mobile phones; they are trying to scare me, i figure. although there are serbs that produce something more sinister like powerful lasers which are in fact highly dangerous weapons that could put you out of sight in the matter of seconds. two young tall and skinny (think timothy mcveigh) serbs were following me tonight into the maxi store in kumodraska street and one of them held something which perfectly fitted the inside of his hand - as if you would hide a cigarette inside your hand. it was i am sure now as i was then - a hand held laser. they noticed i was aware and did not proceed to do what i believe was their original plan. i am sure this and similar behavior is organized crime and the government knows about it but they don't do nothing. i am sure i made a lot of enemies in the government ranks for i expressed myself in the blog herewith explicitly - it is one of the reasons i can think of with respect to why this serbian terror (it is not just a plain gang-stalking) is going on. i am thus a target of nationalist groups and in serbia there are many nationalistic groups that are secretly financed by either right-wing and left-wing political parties and/or foreign intelligence services to perform violent tasks on their behalf on per need basis. granted, i don't believe that criminals that do drug trafficking and high profile crimes are behind this crazy gang-stalking. i believe those two tonight were sent to do me a physical harm by some other people. if i was not surprised by their actions - i am sure i would run away like a little bitch. they surprised me though so i was unable to think.  

i am living proof that serbs can be very mean, nasty and highly malicious when someone allows them to target practice going off at me as they like while exploring the limits and depths of their viciousness at the same time. if the society can be a menace to one individual, than such society is spiritually challenged and morally superficial. of course, elsewhere, goethe, benjamin fuller, voltaire, brancusi and many others were individuals able to influence masses and better well being of any and every individual in their habitats. they were the candle lights that practically never ceased to gleam.


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