Thursday, February 05, 2015

Prison called Serbia.

forces of destruction are prevailing in serbia since this blog would not be active if that  has not been so.

if they are not using lasers or directly beating me up serbs are making noises. it is a real hell having to wait in postal lines to pay your bills as they are behind you making manmade gang stalking noises. today – February 2nd 2015 – it was a guy dressed in G4S American security company uniform. everybody noticed but nobody said a word, and it looked like he wanted to be the one, eyeing me up to see if I will react to a gangstalking noise. every time I ask CIA for help it seems as if I am getting into more and more problems around here….its impossible to start a new life in serbia because i simply do not have funds enough to have the least required amount of safety and financial freedom. i am still struggling high time - twelfth year in the row without a chance for independence and the new beginning.
Is the state something available to anyone? 
If I was born in one city or state like Belgrade - Serbia -
does it mean I have to endure to suffer and be punished from ignorant people around me against my will. 

By birth, I am forced to live here. And when I had gotten away they lied to get me back to torment me.
What is this? To me, being born in this country is by itself a punishment from God.
Because, it is how it feels here. Slow death by suffering menace and injustice.
It is a prison where you can get hurt on daily basis by some people you did not
want to be with or around in the first place. The situation can escalate at any moment beyond
your capacity of controlling it, and your life is always on the line, like it could have been
on a death-row with inmates freely roaming around or worst. It is the prison with no walls. Prison called Serbia.


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