Friday, September 27, 2013

KAFKIANESQUE – je refuse d'être serbe ou américain comme des maintenant sur

just like americans, serbs opened 
a can of worms on me which 
they are not able to close,
fukushima effect, so they must quickly find a way 
to monsterize me in order to legalize their
unresonable persecutive actions. 
what happened to me in america has directly denied the united states of america as the country. because one (what happened to me) negates the other (what is guaranteed by the constitution).
same thing in serbia! 
because they cannot control the aggression and attitude of their own people they must quickly find a way to accuse me or prove that i have deserved lynching, mobbing and other horrible things happening to me on a daily basis, things that are inadmissible by laws and extremely hard to endure. thus i am exposed to free-styled rumors on the part of malicious citizens which adds to the putrid hatred that i am experiencing almost everywhere.

are we the people led by adopted and recognized laws?
or are we the animals led by our instincts?
my experience vouches in favor of the latter: for years i have been experiencing a hiatus in personal human rights which took away the best of my years and i am going into the future unhealed as unreasonable persecution is taking place with unabated fervor. it's not only that i feel robbed of time (and thus money, success and profits), but i have no say, i am only the onlooker in this sinking boat of freedom, justice and liberty. 
what's happening to me is a blunt harassment approved of by the serbian state. in addition to the public lynching done by the masses. so far they were able to sabotage 90% of my regular living activities. most recently, i'd understand inability (due to my status) to make friends with top class sport player /e.g., m. popovic; o. jevtic/, but to sabotage a potential relationship with a local cashier /marija/, that boggles my mind. i indeed feel marked as the possible reincarnation of jesus christ, so that's the only answer that can justify this amount of hatred and inability to live a life without obstruction, persecution, love and all other positive things one needs in lifetime. i hereby with certainty vouch i am not anything of that magnitude, but i recognize and approve the same holy message - love!!! in return, i've been getting tons and tons of serbian hatred. in thirteen years i have been here, i did not accomplish anything i consider important. so what i do or did do to deserve this?!!! so what sparks this lunatic harassment frenzy on the part of hordes of unidentified serbians and some other serbian minorities (romas, muslims, jews, etc) or at least individuals that i know for a fact belong to these minorities. WHAT'S MY CRIME ACCORDING TO THEM?!!! like that, instead of wasting my life further - i'd like to hear what is it they do not like about me - why do they hate me or what i did do to them????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why are they confronting me on the streets? making stupid noises even beating me up several times. why are they spreading lies that i am crazy? in this regard, have to mention idiot(s) from serbian secret service BIA (names per request) that again in conversation with me have insulted my mother and talked down to me like i am at least the (political?) prisoner at large - this applied idiocy approved of and endorsed by the serbian state obstructs living to any freedom loving being like me. 
the damage has been done - someone needs to repair me.
 experienced pressure intensity in the public following the posting of this article, belgrade, serbia:
pressure intensity on september 2nd: died down 
pressure intensity on september 2nd: intensified 
pressure intensity on september 3rd: did not come out of home out of pure fear
 pressure intensity on september 4th: unbearable emissions of sulfur dioxide from neighbors heating on bad quality coal.
their shit produces a lot of smoke, soot and a powerful sulfury odor. it is impossible
to breath and sleep and the city (belgrade, serbia) does not have any modern-day regulations regarding toxic coal fumes.

pressure intensity on september 4th, noon - 16h: went out for a while but quickly retreated to the safety of home; while out experienced harassment of the worst sort by a few
 pressure intensity on september 5th: data coming soon


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