Monday, October 07, 2013


is the major task of one nation and state to fuck up some guy down the road?!
what good does this serve? what my children and grandchildren will say to all this?
it seems a crazy task but it
is the real one. read on...

an example of what goes on, oct. 14th 2013: as i boarded a bus no.  17 (GSP 1311, BG 058 ĆX) between 21 and 22 hrs in the center of zemun, a few minutes passed before the driver started making noises as if drumming all over the cockpit. it sounded as a signal to a guy who was sitting in parallel to me to start making all sorts of noises with his key-chain set while driver was setting up a rhythm. half of the bus were glimpsing and grinning while this hooligan-looking individual with rutty face (fighting scars or disease?) was staring at me all the time. not only that i felt uncomfortable but i promptly realized it may have to do with what i have posted in reference to anti-terrorism expert, a neighbor, who runs the city with dragan djilas, vojislav seselj, and other guys who command what these aggressive orangutans will do. as i exited at autokomanda the orangutan came after me and passed by too close for comfort even though there was a plenty of space not to come anywhere near me on this spacious bus station and kept staring like crazy while still making noises with his keys which at that time lasted almost 40 minutes non stop during and after this long ride. to me this was entirely crazy and indoctrinated provocation that i witnessed many times before. someone needs to be responsible for this people, someone needs to find who is in charge of this nation and tell them what is it like to be the part of europe, free world and 21st century. imo, only novak djokovic (the modern day saint) is capable of inspiring serbs into good deeds and unless someone does not spark his attention by doing the same things to him the situation will be, it will remain as crazy as it is now. i am not even trying to be successful in serbia and/or secure a decent living (i do not even drive like the majority of serbs; 90% sport nice looking cars; btw, i am not even allowed to have wife or girlfriend - when there is no peace/security/liberty guaranteed) by writing this i am just trying to preserve the peace of mind, just that. at this time the only certain future prospect i am looking at is some intentional harm down the line, or more hurt and harm cumulatively every day brought on by unknown to me citizens of serbia. this place is hell on earth as far as i am concerned. and it is real, it is not some marina abramovic's contrived or nonsense stuff. i am an artist, and i am sure i am too sensitive for this hell. 
October 15th 2013: same thing happened again on streetcar no.10 between bajlony market and and slavija. it simply means that serbs are instructed into harassment by a higher serbian authority, no doubt. 
everyday the victim is looking into the eyes of its tormentors. the more i pray for them, the worst they are. i never meant to hurt or harm anyone of them, but they are trying to hurt me every day. i never dreamed i was going to get beaten by the neighbor unexpectedly and almost to death. besides, they killed me so many times both physically and mentally, they are practically walking in the pool of blood, gore dripping from their fingers.
 read what the crime does. hereby i am only wrapping and jazzing it up a bit, the crime is not as sweet as i am portraying it herewith:
God knows why are they ruining my life? why are not they going to leave me alone? on his return to serbia vlade divac stated: "the difference between serbs and americans is that serbs mind everybody's else business while americans mind only their own." that's why. and that's why americans allowed it to happen to me. serbs minded my business and americans did not care. for the last ten years i have been in serbia i have not done any harm to anyone but i feel hated as if i am at least a child molester. as far as i am concerned, serbia is the real pandemonium. 
10/10/2013, kalenic market, belgrade, serbia: a gypsy trader asked what was the high tech phone i was using, as i replied samsung s4 he stated that he would never give me a discount to the approval of the crowd. another example as far as minding business is concerned in serbia. 
10/11/2013: maxi supermarket, vojvode stepe blvd. belgrade: as i waited in line to be checked out by cashier marija, she switched register with mary. i then also switched register and went to marija's new line only to experience her swinging places again with terrible betty. just to avoid me. to me this was the purest example of utmost disgust and hatred on the part of serbian population represented by marija, mary and the third one i call black betty. to clear, while i'd take marija (a dream for a dreamer) as the "legal" LDS wife, i would not wish black betty as a friend. all in all, i then just left chocolate milk on the register and headed out. btw i am the type that avoids showdowns at all costs. i could see in marija's eyes, she and all other serbs treat me like a walking nicholas cage or val kilmer (while in fact they treat me as a celebrity that is not a celebrity; or the phenomenon) whose mother they can fuck at any time. they think i am shit, while i think i am the shit though they'll never agree they owe me anything more than a full metal jacket. i think i deserve respect at least as the human being. even the lowest of serbs believe they have the right to unsettle, harm and upset me. it is fully and truly amazing what is going on with me. basically, if marija won't check me out, i do not want to be checked out at all in maxis. they do not want to accept me, as that'll never be. they just want to start troubles.
10/11/2013, skadarlija, belgrade, 16:00 PM: as i was walking among parked cars, the driver of silver Toyota RAV SUV wanted to run me over intentionally and then sped away, his license plates were BG 208 ĆD
10/11/2013, terazije, belgrade, 15:50 PM: as soon as i exited bus #31, a guy that was collecting signatures for the election campaign of a new city mayor started making intentional noises and attracting passersby attention. he was staring at me while directing their attention and i then went sly as a fox and approached him. i wanted to find out what mayor he was voting for. his reply was dragan djilas. then i realized that mr. djilas was in power for a long period of time same as my neighbor, CIA agent and "one of the greatest anti-terrorism experts in the world", who spits like crazy whenever sees me (squeakiest wheel maketh the most noise) - i do not want even to state his name, and how many more individuals in serbian hierarchy there are that possibly promote ultimate hatred among their followers. to me personally, mr. djilas was an appealing guy. not now. furthermore, if i did not make a mistake of going to america in the first place i could have been him.
stink from serbia followed me to america.
yugoslav military summoned my late father and tricked him into answering where i was located in america. soon after that i was forced to leave my family and depart to serbia where i was promptly summoned to military psychiatrist to answer why i did not want to serve in and fight for the yugoslav military for years (10 years span). it turns out some serbian schmuck from yugoslav military recruitment office supported by the yugoslav army secret services made fools of the stupid american asses that went against their u.s. constitution annulling everything it guarantees and says with respect to individual and its rights. well, now i know i went to the wrong church to say my prayers – the church called united states of america. bunch of stupid no-good liars that will let down anyone in a sec.

following that episode my life in serbia turns to hell which lasts to this day (11 years span). bigotry, spying, snitching, harassment, blockades of all sorts, no remorse, false rumors, physical and verbal attacks, various frame-ups and accusations, intrigue plotting, false incrimination, intimidation of friends and potential friends as well as relatives, undeserved judgments, name calling, persecution on every step have been the order of the day for me in serbia. it seems as if some serbs (usually the lowest of kind even if they wear ties) are instructed to compete who will show greater hatred toward me - which they deem must be a patriotic, anti-eu, anti-american, anti-defeatist, and anti-fifth-column act. name it a biblical scale torment and you won't make a mistake. i am not writing this because i see the light as yet.just the opposite.


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