Tuesday, September 24, 2013

hatred, made in serbia

the pure truth will never outweigh, outmaneuver, outgun and outwit the money-made truth.- m.v.

cannot understand marija. i was about to offer the world to her, at least my world full of shit, provocations, and disharmony on the outside and true love on the inside and she chooses a security guard for partner. that amazes me. the stupidity always does.

then again was just wondering what bad i had done to serbs in the last 12 years i have been around here to hate me so passionately???????????????????????

do you know?

I mean what did I do to them to fucking hate me so passionately in the last 12 years of my life or ever?

I’d like to know that?

I admit that I was complaining that americans ruined my family out of spite and without reason but that was it. even protested in front of the American embassy in Belgrade for several days...

after that episode my life in Serbia turned into real hell full of shit provocations, anger and enhanced disharmony. for example, today my “neighbor”, anti-terrorist expert and the chairman of the society of Serbian – American friendship, whose name I do not want to mention for fear of retribution as I believe he had already ordered a physical attack on me this year – spat provocatively about 20 times as he was approaching me on the street!!!! 

the point of this post was to ask a simple question:

what did I do to serbs to hate me with such a passion?????????????? does anyone know – because I wanna know what is it that sparks this people into such an emotional fury, fervor and hatred?1


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