Tuesday, September 10, 2013

the self-destruction of the byzantine empire

on my daily walk in the city i come across many that are itching to beat me up. then i ask why do not they go charge john kerry and john mccain, if they want fight – that’s an equal match for them. why do you wanna fight me – a coward? that also makes you coward if you an't one. but i believe those serbs that wanna fight me, those that play serbian braggadocio and territorial games, are all cowards. the likes of those managed to beat me up on several occasions in 2012 and 2013 and broke me, my head and my $450.00 glasses in the process. alas, now they are itching for more.
well, ahead of showdown djokovic – nadal yesterday in NYC i laid my hopes on djokovic to win in handicap by two mere sets hoping to make some easy money and buy some decent glasses since the reserve pair i am on now is falling apart.

alas, i came to witness the clash between the eastern and western Christianity. it was like the epic history lesson that untangled itself during three hours that took belgrade and serbia by surprise for almost half of the city did not wake up Tuesday due to watching djokovic into the wee hours. so whose Christ was winning? nadal was making a ritual sign of the Roman Catholic cross before every point in (service) preparation, by way of a concealed pattern, while djokovic did not sign himself once. he often does though. however, you got to have God on your side to win this major.

djokovic had the third set and my new pair of glasses in his pocket. i was so relaxed. then all of a sudden what happened? what the hell is wrong with you, novak, i yelled out loud. it was like he gave a proof that he can beat nadal and then fell apart for reasons unknown. like he self-destructed intentionally. collapsed like the Byzantine Empire. in comparison to novak nadal played mediocre tennis in 2nd and 3rd sets, he obviously threw the towel, djokovic surrendered after 2:0 and 0:40 lead bringing nadal back to life, he blew it all. earlier, a bookmaker made a mistake and wrote ticket in favor of nadal, alas, i pedantically noticed and returned it promptly. lesson: never be a patriot in sports if you want a new pair of glasses. i still do not know what happened. it’s damn america, everything is possible there, more bad than good things - at least for me. it was like i was beaten up for the third time, struck in the head multiple times again, it's a damn shame.  i was not mad, i am confused and dumb-stricken. truly shocked. i will never ever make decisions through the powers of my heart, i think i will put a reason and logic into the equation as of now. let this case now rest. selah


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