Sunday, September 08, 2013


tonight God was good to me.
went to maxi around 10:00 PM just to buy milk and choclates, expecting nothing. all of a sudden – marija was there dressed in some pink sweater standing together with that other mary and s/o. them two were ready to call it a day.

man. just stood there waiting to see what’s gonna be down. trying to find a way to incorporate myself into the situation, guessing it could be a nice try but, like usually, to no avail.

marija then gave a cheek kiss to her buddy s/o and sort of hesitated – a chance i thought!!! i made a run for the checkout line only to be checked out quicker and perhaps be struck by a chance of saying ‘hello’ to her out on the streets.

then she went back to sofia who was about to check me out and gave her a long, long cheek kiss in front of me. thus i witnessed this extraordinarily tease, and for the first time i left united states something truly outstanding occurred, a piece and taste of some real action. for years something this wonderful (in magnitude) has not happened in my life. like i was lullabied. to my dismay i did not participate i just witnessed. how lovely was she when she kissed that girl – apparently for borrowing her a sweater on a cold night. oh how i wish i gave her the sweater not sofi. i am kind of jealous right now.

c'mon babe, let's turn up that fire, what you got left in you. i gotta be in the center of the things again, for this night brings pleasure and pains.


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