Wednesday, July 31, 2013

got him!!!!! again.

as soon as i thought i spent a beautiful afternoon with a pretty friend of mine discussing life, i made a wrong decision going back to maxi (vojvode stepe blvd, belgrade, serbia). bought a yoghurt, some grapefruit beer, schweppes bitter lemon and lemony mineral water. as soon as i got home i realized i had a problem with an eye and at first i thought it was a laser injury but then i realized it also happened on previous occasion when black betty - alexandra - was in the isle containing dangerous chemical liquids. this time she was there too holding a portable laser price scanner but it is a damn too close of a coincidence to just not mention a possible foul-play. i could imagine they sprayed some dangerous shit in the air moments before i was going to pass by an isle pretending maybe they were cleaning the chicken grill or similar. of course got no proofs, but if it did not happen before with the same symptoms (i suspected alexandra likewise) and if i did not believe they did something nasty (with same guy on the grill?  comes to think of it they could have sprayed chemicals into a hot oil/water near grill to create nasty fumes) i would not be writing about it. so now i have an irritating painful red pustule that came out of blue. i tried to calm pain with yoghurt bath to no avail. 
assume it could be alexandra's personal revenge since i mentioned her on this blog. she looks like that sort of type that would do nasty things to retaliate. also the fat lady was managing the shift and alexandra & co. could have had her go because she also seems to be a tit for tats type (for calling her fatso). fuck maxi. in serbia they do not realize the values of health and they are so easy on maiming, it feels like life has no value around here. bottom line, i would get more respect by the load of monkeys in the wilderness than from serbs in serbia

ps. if this shit did not happen to me, my major news would've been that yesterday i overheard someone saying marija is visiting swimming pools. the only time i went there i got a nasty infection so i'd never revisited  any pool in belgrade ever in my life just like i never went to united states again. disregarding the fact that i am closer in mind and heart to benjamin franklin and george washington than any contemporary american will ever be. 

pss it is 23:49 pm now and i still feel the consequences. the pustule and irritation/redness are still there, the pain is very intense up and down (all around) when i close my right eye blinds. when i keep blinds open i do not feel that much pain but pressure where the pain is located. next to alexandra, and the grill guy, the guy that cleans the store - who was measuring vegetables at the time is also highly suspicious to me. 


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