Friday, September 06, 2013

as they are gearing up to beat me up again, i can smell hate in the air and on the streets in their (serbian) behavior

let’s do something constructive and positive for everyone, here are a few things we could start with:

allow soccer play only in countries like united kingdom and germany with zero tolerance to violence.

ban all soccer games in serbia until further notice.

introduce enormous penalties per every torch lit by the hooligans.
promote 100% vigilantism for every unreasonable violent act. 

choose a place in siberia for all hawks that promote violence and hatred particularly from serbia and united states, like john kerry, and throw away the key. let them then settle old scores among themselves to leave the rest of us alone

reform all progressive forces within the society of nations starting from the freemasons and up

promote sports. 
promote arts (valid for serbia only where hooliganism, hatred and violence in teenage upbringing are represented with 99,9 %; while 0,01 % of behavioral influences is spread over arts)

i will know that something has changed when i am stopped being treated and thought of as shit by the waiters, policemen, security guards, high school thugs and the likes and those that are engaging them into hatred (namely, politicians and public opinion leaders)


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