Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Mariah and the Fucked Up.

so my book is nearing completion. it’s working title will be Mariah and the Fucked Up. the fuck up could sound neat too. it will be made of bits and pieces from what i wrote here on this blog. seems like the guys from BIA (serbian secret service) have no clue about it. as i exited the maxi store today - september 3rd 2013 - i promptly spotted two black government VW’s, too neat to be mafia rides – parked in 'L' formation, so “they” were in the store – to my surprise, i had not noticed them inside – fucking guys must be hands-on checking out (monitoring) what’s the reality behind the story i’ve been presenting hereby hoping for some action but they just got empty handed; in addition, there was a communal police vehicle (uniforms with powers to arrest, just in case and as the protocol directs - if something came out of control). well, of course they did not have a chance for i am such a neat guy. of course i will never bother maxi mariah, and by the way she was not even on there tonight. she could only be my wife or friend, as far as i am concerned, nothing else. if you thing i just got serious, lucky you, i was just kidding. so instead of mary i spotted the actress, black betty again (nooooo!!!!!), and the bastard irish genes.

alas, this trip to the store cost me one encounter with a jerk-off who intentionally pointed some handheld lights into me from his vehicle moving down vitanovacka street hoping perhaps that i could become afraid of his actions or he was just waiting for me with the real stuff. who knows what else was going on that i did not see.

word of wise: if you have kids - never consider moving to serbia. this is the land of passive and active violence and provocations, you will never have a piece of mind here. do not be bold stupid bold. avoid this country at all cost, this i suggest to you as a brother and as a friend. this country is on a down spiral. i repeat again, do not come here, do not approve yourselves of the serbian behavior. i am esp. sensitive and as such being posted on a pole of shame and punishment even though not having the slightest idea what’s the MAJOR motif behind this all. it could be to distract the public attention from the bigger things and affairs the government approved, sponsored and related participants are producing and exploiting. 


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