Monday, September 02, 2013


i am ready to sacrifice myself to improve the lives of the persons i love:::  oh brother, an't no telling what's happening in marija's mind when she sees me, though i notice she falls into a slight panic attack, seventh heaven chills going up her spine so to say, and on my part she takes my ability to speak away, so this combination does not work - but we need a chance. in all honesty, association with an individual like me could only improve life to someone like that; it would only save someone like marija from being taken advantage of when her gang-banging motherfucking hoodlum friends would opt to sell her rights to appear on websites like for a handful of dollars. i feel sorry for her to the point of not being able to continue with my daily activities in an unobstructed fashion. i just do not know what to do. feel a need to protect her. it an't no zezanje, an't no cile - mile - my problem's been real. brothers help 

coming down with a summer-time cold and on antibiotics i entered the maxi store today – sept. 2nd 2013 – and lo and behold there i saw the real marija working again. 
even though i was surprised i was not nearly excited as i would have been a month ago. i quickly shortened down my groceries list to several items only to be cashed out quicker but oh my, as soon as she saw me heading for her register she squealed like a piggie stuck in the woods: "oh, marie, marie come quick!!!" she was calling out for this other marija, another cashier with bastard irish genes, to back up cashiers team by opening the third line for check out. hearing her scream like that i think marija was (for stupid reasons) afraid of me to the point of crying out loud so i made a quick turn to this other girl’s register only to be laserized in the eyes with bastard irish genes' price scanner, like “inadvertently” for up to ten seconds. rest assured these people do not easily flinch from the opportunity to cause a serious and permanent injury to other person disregarding the costs and they always get away with impunity. hence i should have surprised the real marija and myself with a visit to her register at whatever costs - even though she could have done the same. at any rate, the end of this summer tastes like overripe watermelon. nothing like i was expecting and hoping for – the big tymes!


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