Wednesday, September 18, 2013


i am thankful to the friends and colleagues from itf and usta for
showing a sudden support, i am sorry for the guy but someone need to show serbs they cannot let off and finger their aggression and frustration unselectively against one person, and indefinitely.
i am coming across many 'crazies' these days making noises (wanna put me in chains it seems) and attacks are being enhanced overall. mostly by the unknown to me individuals.
they need to find another effigy to burn because they believe they were bombed as an innocent nation.
i have nothing to do with that.
i'd like that pressure is increased so they get the right message quicker though i believe it will never happen.
it's only the question of stupid and violent and more stupid and violent. no reason can ever win logic where i am at right now. 

update on sept. 19th 2013: serbs cannot handle the truth and they have no consciousness. they keep targeting me (over 50 attacks of various intensity today only) and i believe they'd be satisfied only if they managed to impale me somehow. other than that, i cannot believe that one nation can preserve this gung-ho attitude against one individual for years. i am sure that neo-nazis from dutch and norwegian governments (nato plumes and serb monitors; they've been more catholic than the pope, not germans) are indirectly instructing serbian government into harassing me. regular folk do not have logistics to keep targeting me on their own. it's been so unreal!


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