Friday, September 13, 2013


as i was preparing to exit trolley at slavija square a group of 5 to ten serbian hooligans surrounded me making noise (a disturbance) and trying to confuse me which led to a panic attack. i believe i was kicked in the groins during this commotion. then thirty minutes later i was getting checked out by mary in the supermarket and again different set of Serbian lowlifes tried to create a commotion and to disturb me to the point that I would not know what was going on and perhaps they were hoping for another panic attack but the presence of mary let me remain calm. i was amazed and the bread i bought and she touched i believe is truly blessed by the goodness of her heart. she even instructed me not to drink and put the beer i had in cart away and said she won’t check it. i love mary. she likes to work. i do not like those girls that do not like working. and professional art collecting has to do a lot with constant fighting with the dust. somebody needs to clean it, and i need some help. my ultimate goal would be to create global interactive networks of art lovers. i want to turn enemies into friends, the friends i can cooperate with and teach them something about art along the way. i’d like to see all my enemies as friends whose main goal would be to appreciate art. however, it’s a mission impossible in serbia, i’d have an easier task of making american rednecks art lovers than  serbs. sometime ago, i had everything to be a success. pedigree, education, upbringing, surrounding, intellect, friends and family,experience, Lord! then some motherfucking americans tried hard to remove the steady soil underneath my feet. i can only say combination of drexel university and university of pennsylvania, philadelphia law enforcement agencies and those tracking russian spies in america. looking at trading places (eddie murphy in philadelphia), they have been known for set ups. will there be any heavenly punishment for them? in addition to that without mary and american blessings i am truly a failure.  


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