Monday, July 22, 2013

american idiots

i’d never shake hands with any american. 
i’d never allow any american own my art. 
i don’t hate them nor love ‘em. 
just want to breeze by them like they do not exist. 
i personally don’t watch american movies, listen to their music nor buy any of their goods. 
that’s about it. 
and i’d wish i had same expectations on their part. 
unfortunately, they want their stink to be felt and heard all around the world. they just do not leave you alone. 
as i entered maxi today, two young females, at first i thought they were serbian were walking behind me when one of them said to the other with pure american accent, don’t worry about him! 

she clearly meant me. 

i personally would not touch any or anything american with a tenth foot pole. i used to profoundly admire this nation but after what they did to me and my family ten years ago, america is a complete black empty hole as far as i am concerned. it's the nation of absurd with a sophisticated constitution on paper but in practice it destroys families and lives; as if you would drive north korean repressive plunk boasting a ferrari sticker on it. i erased it from my memory and future. i will always avoid it if i could, like doom. so why would someone who i think is inferior in any respect be paranoid of me as if i would do something to them. and then they proceeded to hustle me around the store making all sorts of noises. fuck you beaches. you are the worst /just don’t have enough wording and energy for THAT/ well, just like i say, out of sight, out of mind, if you disregard, don't touch and don't get yourself involved with evil hopefully the evil will stay away worried about its own modes and problems

this plain sentence this young female said was a plain giveaway, habeas corpus, that they had done something bad to me on the national scale, and now it is a call of their consciousness, to think that i would retaliate and hence "don't worry about him", in other words, we checked the piece of shit and he is as harmless as amoeba, we can go on with our business as usual. selah!

and then later on to top it all off,
i get to watch serbian major news readers, like some aneta,
who look like losers not able to produce a smile and spread good aura and vibe about themselves,
so, i'd like to see pictures of all the decision making men that gave their valued opinion that she don't suck. as if she is involving her personal problems - e.g. quarrels with boyfriend - with job.

mean purely sparkling mean

it's freaking scaring me out. just this thing alone makes me wonder if i am on some kind of deathrow (a.k.a. serbia) 

FOLLOW UP ON july 24th 2013: just saw aneta again and i had a change of heart about her. instead of saying that i am sorry i will tattoo her image and name on my right arm. 


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