Saturday, July 20, 2013

the abrupt disappearance of Mary

so in serbia dreams never come true, partly due to those that were supposed to be the actors in my life, and partly to those that use all means necessary to prevent joys of life and successful and happy living that God has given to me by birth and supposedly everybody else. these are serbs. in other words, marija has disappeared from my life and i do not want to know how and why. it just doesn't feel right. at last and at least they could have helped staging one serious wedlock after everything they (both serbs and americans) did to me, blah, blah. thus here is another proof that both nations are as evil as one can get. 

some serbs only mock people and irritate and like to be annoying and provoke and rat out and snitch - favorite serb past-time.

just take a look at the latest work by serbian artist mocking Angela Merkel. and Angela Merkel is such a wonderful woman. i do not find her sexual attractive but i can relate to her as one of my best friends. on behalf of myself and my art without borders philosophy --- as a serb and great serbian patriot --- i extend deepest apologies to this wonderful godly creature. somebody must be out of their mind. 
The fake story goes, I fell head over heels for Marija because she used to point laser price scanner into my eyes; that's why other cashiers do it on purpose as it happened today July 21st 2013. I guess they are hoping to become stars in my eyes. And man, it truly burns. in this Wild West turned Disneyland called Serbia one guy lost vision as they played with laser on Exit rock festival recently. If the Belgian motherfucker that owns Maxi Supermarket chain proves it by keeping this very price scanner pointed into his own motherfucking eyes for two hours that it is harmless I shall kiss his ass. Distance: half a meter away. He would not be able to hold it for thirty seconds as it would burn his motherfucking eyes. His cashiers keep doing it. and of course Marija was something special, she could have done many other things to me, I wouldn't mind.  the problem in serbia it is a country without accountability which is good if you are not in the center of attention and public focus like me. Then you suffer. Otherwise, I'd rather be living in the Wild West than here. 


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