Friday, July 26, 2013


it's gonna be too late before 
she realizes the life ain't worth 
shit without me. 
you won't believe this. the motherfuckers have been hiding marija away. stashing rather as if she was an object or something.
if that was not a dream i think i saw her at the register right after i walked into the effin' maxi store. and then all of a sudden she disappeared. surely it was her or i've lost my effin mind.

and to top it all off, so far hala gorani (cnn news) was a good marija's sub or it was the other way around; oftentimes, if i do not get to see marija in the store, i watch cnn all day and wait for hala's show. well, she just said she is not gonna be anchoring for the entire week, likely she is going to new york. man oh man, that's what i call a bummer. and then, the previous day, i saw someone who looked just like marija on the bus no. 25 - heading towards the jerkoff bros /jerkovic?/ neighborhood - this girl was the exact match except that her hair color was dark
  FOLLOW UP ON 27th of July 2013:
was shopping today and yes, marija walked right by. to my surprise she yelled out 'milos!' to someone, but for goodness sake, i was too afraid to do or say anything. just could not shake myself up and stared in the direction. oh my God, her look. she  looked like an angry mother that's gonna give beatings to a baby that did something wrong. she used to scare the heck out of me even before. as a matter of fact, it was not the same mare i knew from two weeks ago. she looked frustrated and aura-less. as if someone stuck a needle through without actually popping her demeanor. of course she is not used to holding the weight of the world on both of her soft fleshy milk-secreting breasts as opposed to me who's been burdened by the unspeakable scum and filth of united states and serbia altogether for years. i see no future...for this book. 

went to buy breakfast and newspapers. she was at the register. as soon as i walked in the tune came on with lyrics "you are an old man, live up the rest of your life, cut to the chase". was it a hidden message or coincidence. marija looked confused and her nails were painted orange whatever it may mean. i found out the following key attributes:
Positive keywords include: sociable, optimistic, enthusiastic, cheerful, self-confident, independent, flamboyant, extroverted and uninhibited, adventurous, the risk-taker, creative flair, warm-hearted, agreeable and informal.
Negative keywords include: superficial and insincere, dependent, over-bearing, self-indulgent, the exhibitionist, pessimistic, inexpensive, unsociable, and overly proud.



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