Sunday, July 21, 2013


milos vujasinovic 

Belgrade, Serbia, 1971. Founder of Intuitive Art and Intuitive Art Manifesto [2008].

The Most Hated Artist in Serbia

Apostle of artistic freedom.

Vujasinovic art is special because it cannot be owned by any Serb or American art collector. Anybody who acquires it, unless it is a gift from the author, must sign a formal written agreement (stamped on the verso of artwork) stipulating that neither they– nor their heirs –will sell Milos' art to any American or Serb, otherwise, the author's right of property is reinstated immediately without any remuneration. It is not discrimination, it is a small-scale reciprocation for the irreversible things done to him, ruined family and future. The aim was to destroy me, hence dead man don't paint and sculpt. 

"My art is all intuitive. It is all about how it is supposed to be based on my great experience and self-acquired skills on one side and personal feel and signature on the other than how it should be. And how it should be nobody knows now. It is art that imitates tradition and modern art with a goal of approaching to the highest heights of modern art as I believe that all traditional and modern art knowledge is somehow lost just like the ancient knowledge of pyramid builders, techniques and technologies are now lost too. Also I try to keep it as raw and heart-honest exploding as I possibly can along the way. It is indeed like going back to the future."


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