Sunday, July 28, 2013

another day, another mystery

went to buy breakfast and newspapers. the love of my life was at the register. as soon as i walked in the store tune came on with lyrics in serbian "you are an older gentleman, why don't you live up the rest of your life with me, cut to the chase old man". was it a hidden message or coincidence? please i need a code breaker here. marija looked somewhat stirred plus her nails were painted bright orange red, a bright vibrant color which symbolizes physical energy. damn it, man she knows that i am drained and down, and down with her. she is trying to help me out. belgrade, the city of sisterly love. may it be>
tables are turning brother
the only thing she needs now is to give me a sign. the best would be if she would hit me somehow, a punch sounds like an okay too, even sneak up on me if need be, that way we would not be in prior need of talking cause i do not know what to say to her before she gives me the sign and hits me. selah!

FOLLOW UP on 29th of July 2013:
majority of serbs and montenegrins i am complaining about would jump into foreigners' ass if they could. on the other hand, they would cannibalize their own kind. i am not talking about dogs but 'humans'. what made me angry again? i have been writing about love for three months and somehow i have humanized myself within the last three months on this blog. this does not fit local taste, they would still love to point their ugly fingers at me, they need a crazy guy to wash their bloody hands away with respect to destruction of my family. if you get my drift, i will only mention motherfuckers in tehnomanija store at studentski trg location (doors to the right next to kfc; around 13:00hrs) with the question-statement "was that a way to welcome your customers?" and a group of five sobs i went by in knez mihajlova street that looked montenegrin to me. these pussies whenever strong in numbers are ready to start a fight without anyone asking for their stink - that's probably why i have never been to montenegro. i do not even know what they wanted - like i was not allowed to walk on the street in their proximity.
FOLLOW UP on 29th of July 2013: feeling helpless went to maxi to see if i'd luck out and catch a glimpse of mary to restore mood.  what a joy it would be, imagine then i do not think i would have survived the men stuff with her, you know, due to the excitement. no she was not there unless she was in hiding. when i walked inside there was a dead silence and the two meatmen got together to have a little conference. as i walked by one of them said discreetly "so are you sure he stuck it into her?" well, whatever they say i immediately think it is about mary for i think of her a lot and she is the major object of my concern there. esp. since i know nothing about her. however i realized then that i would take in mary even if she had made mistakes in earlier life. even if it is true that she's got a rapsheet. so that was a good bit of information, not. it is not that i don't deserve any better but i believe in good people and love above all. also, what surprised me is that almost everyone today felt some kind of compassion, some type of remorse for me, even a black betty - alexandra - so that was quite unusual. so i got home, and keep thinking does me no good 


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