Sunday, July 14, 2013


was at maxi again. was not going there for couple of days and today it turned into a near riot. they are going wild & crazy without me. had a feeling that even novak visited them like i had said. muffled screams and sobbing clerks, don’t know what built up hysteria. wow, man, i overheard one clerk talking to the cashier that “she”, and by that i assume they meant marija, is off again, as “she” cannot handle the pressure. man, i felt as if a bad-ass truck was lying on top of my chest. i immediately almost fainted, swooned and tears came to my eyes. was this something that I had done? was this my fault? there was nobody there to comfort me. 

alas, serbia, the evil master who bit its most obedient, loyal and favorite dog – me /and keeps biting by lying./ basically, there are two serbias. one hates me, and the latter does not care. at last, i, the underachiever, have a place two steps away from home where they really, really love me. shall do my best to keep marija honest and healthy and prosperous, from the shadows if need be and i have to cos without her in my medium shot (film industry; MS) life would never be the same. even though she allegedly stated that she will never, never "be mine". imagine if liverpool "was left to walk alone". click play to listen to the song below and read again...

last minute follow up -- on june 15th 2013 was there again and alas, it was not the same store. based on what happened last time -- was expecting pandemonium and brain insanity, but none of that stuff happened. looks like a place loses its charm for the moment when marija and some people that give charm to this place are not there; the magic just disappears. in other words, have not seen her in days. so untill this mystery is solved and resolved i am going crazy. well, not quite, do not want to upset marija if she is reading this, just kidding. will keep you posted guys -- say hi to brother m.u.r.s. up there!!!!


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