Sunday, July 07, 2013

finally some real excitement djokovic vs. murray

  how can i listen to someone masturbating with an annoying meowing smarmy voice without letting my irritation get to me? it goes with faux tennis coach attitude and forced pedophile lowlife looks of a guy who is an official sportcast for  wimbledon tournament with sportKlub channel. nebojsa viskovic is his name. i tried focusing on something else about him in order to relate good attribute to the voice i don’t like. crap. it didn’t work. luckily, B92 had aired the match so i just switched the channel to B92 even though the picture was somewhat better with sportklub. man oh man, how the small things can spoil a fantastic event. 
i put my sympathies where my mouth is ... and remained hungry for some epic event. djokovic seemed to play without any motivation whatsoever, almost like he was instructed to go down in three
in all honesty, novak is my hero. if someone asked me - i think what he did was a proper thing to do. as long as i have to keep turning my head across shoulder and shitting bricks in this country, the players from here should not be allowed to win any sport events. cos sport is about being fair, and it is fair to say that i have always been fair to serbs, but on the contrary the serbian government participated in ruining of my family which was an irreversible process. even though i bet a fair share of money on novak's win - and it's more than it is seen here - i am not a gambler just love tennis and excitement that supporting brings, i did it with my heart, however my mind tells me novak did what he had to do, and it was let andy win in three. 


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