Friday, July 05, 2013



in times of trouble you find out who your true friends are.


by 2000, my unusual behavior enabled me to get caught in the powerful american net for sifting out russian and eastern european spies. the actions on both parts were not deliberate but are the result of misunderstanding on mine and gross negligence on the U.S. part; however, consequences are disturbing, immeasurable, unimaginable and unaccounted. /what's damage control?\

‘yankees’ were expecting blue marlin but caught an amoeba. the aroused infamy that did not expire to this date leads me to believe that i was the only catch they had in decades.


to my dismay, a number of  former countrymen, yugoslavs and serbs -- COUNTRYMEN FROM HELL* -- utilized this collateral damage to tear me to pieces; like unleashed hungry savages everyone wanted their piece. instead of support there was a harassment which ended in public beatings and disqualification by way of spreading malevolent rumors. instead of support there was little or no support.


the only support i ever experienced on the international level came from the powerful groups and individuals, those who truly know the consequences of the public lynching when those who are innocent and without any backing become the victims. these individuals are predominantly located in serbia, croatia, slovenia, bosnia, united kingdom, italy, russia, germany, scandinavia, belgium, united states, vatikan, france and asia.


public life offers the greatest scrutiny. it may mean a smooth sailing for those who get public wind in their sails, but for those tagged and rejected like me it simply means – slow death and destruction.  



BELGRADE, serbia

*some of them openly stated that they are doing this - they do not like me because I "was not here when they were bombed."
*in 11+ years they were not able to realize who am i for real? they are still provoking on daily basis like i have been doing something bad in my life. THE ONLY BAD I CAN SEE ON ME IS I DO NOT HAVE MORE ASSETS, MONEY AND FAMILY AS YET, OTHERWISE I BELIEVE IN GOD AND GO TO CHURCH WHEN I CAN. this just shows Serbian character. surely, this injustice will backfire throughout the lives of these individuals that luckily i do not even know. and those provokers that i know are not on good terms with me. for example - the fattest lady manager in vojvode stepe's maxi today (fatso wearing a leg bracelet) - july 6th 2013: maxi store called the vozdovac fast response unit cops to i guess i.d. me -- like they really thought i would do something stupid because of marija, the blonde bird with a prick that does not care one bit about me. even though i know they are looking for my riddance (to somewhere), it was a good call though because love and family crime rate in serbia is catching up with america's. i mean a love of my life married someone and i never did anything stupid even though i lost many years of my life doing hope. never tried to attack or burn american embassy because america ended my romance abruptly like many of these serbs that are provoking me did or would do. and today i only showed up to do some watermelon shopping. to me, being born in post-communist countries like serbia is equal to being born handicapped without bollocks.
*if the serbs were not bombed by america in 1999 i would sign any diagnosis these countrymen from hell are trying to attach to me and my reputation, if the bombing by the merciful angel and big brother did not happen, it would mean serbs, inclusive of this group of daily attackers, are one of the smartest and most righteous nations in the world. then they would have all the rights in the world to provoke me like some of them do on daily basis for whatever. alas, this is where the ignorance is coming from -- we will provoke you because you are too stupid for us, and we are too smart. lo and behold. i must defend myself against these creeps (some serbs that go looking for the devil). instead of opting for royalist and masonic option they opted for socialist and fascist (both atheist) legacies which was a cumbersome choice in their, hm rant caution here


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