Tuesday, July 02, 2013


the only humor they like is the one they understand. 
to my dismay, i am in mortal fear of SERBS and serbian overriding ignorance.   
Even though I believe Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic is doing nice and clean job esp. public security-wise I should have remembered the Novi Sad (city) plates on the black VW Golf with four young machine-gun-flashing gangsters who were waiting for someone on the top of my street and as I approached one said “Is that him?” and the other replied “Not now!”. Now you will ask why am I so calm and so undisturbed by what I heard, saw and a possible drive-by as they followed me in step only to rev the engine and swing around a corner right where I was beaten to almost death just approx. three months ago? Why? I am fighting fear with fluffy braggadocio, trying fighting fire with fire. I did not even want to turn to see their faces again. THIS WAS TODAY! During Tomislav’s presidency two attacks already happened and I am not freaked out nor surprised anymore by anything locally. I have learned here to expect only the worst possible. The victims of torture, whether it is Serbian or American just do not care anymore.

   I swear to you that someone is pushing those Serbs with low IQ onto me and day by day they are becoming more and more aggressive and violent. Only in retarded, malevolent and “crazy” countries you will see the lack of eccentrics. Serbs do not like the eccentrics though I do not believe I am the one. In Serbia eccentrics of my type are labeled “crazy”. Everybody is supposed to think in line, or experience “the else”. Name one thing I ever did that's crazy / eccentric. All I know they hate me like they have to. 

Was this guy crazy for hugging  and kissing his wife? Why am I not married? What did Americans and Serbs in cahoots did to my family in United States? Why they do not let me have a fair chance for another in Serbia? Why do they keep calling me crazy? In addition to the pressure exerted in public and obvious surveillance (talk of the town) not for my protection but for spreading false and unjust rumors. Next to stabbing my back every and any possible time they can. If they do not let me have a romance with the Serbian girl /THEY ARE PRESET AND READY TO RUIN OUR LIVES/, why they do not let me bring over the Albanian. I am damn right for calling them bloody retarded, malevolent freaks.

In United Kingdom there are many eccentrics the real proof that’s the democracy per se. United States used to -- highlight the used to -- have eccentrics (Hetty Green, e.g.), now all they have are gun flashing loners, a huge difference. I hope Serbia never joins European Union because it simply does not deserve it. I hope it becomes their punishment for what they did to me and the disaster they made from my life. Then I hope the likes of Vojislav Seselj, MAFIA clad clans / elite / businessmen or whoever powerful to kill at will is hiring and pushing these young thugs, gypsies, hooligans and other not so educated people against me will have their final say.
In addition, today I was passing by the crew of movie starring Pierce Brosnan -- it is presently filmed in Belgrade Serbia. Some Serbian speaking monkeys – local members of the film crew -- were lined up sitting on the fence of the parking lot of Djure Jaksica Str. and as I walked by I heard all sorts of derogatory comments targeted at me. Hope the movie turns out a bust. The goal of these jealous bastards is that everything I ever did or earned from reputation to life goes down the tubes.
Then Marija. Since I spoke about her here on the blog there was a number of 'you name them' trying to lay claim on her starting from the shift's boss. I am in the conflict  of interests and she better has no say –- I see the dullness and confusion in her eyes. It is what I think is happening since I am not even talking to her and when it is my turn to be checked out suddenly she makes the register post (position) switch with the one I described earlier as the one in whom I was interested years ago and she later had a child with somebody there. This switch is obviously prearranged and who knows if Marija really enjoys it. It is just a pain in the ass Serbian way. I mean the entire experience. One time I was asked by Mr. Paul’s relative what are you going to do in Norristown, Pa, there is nothing there?! I did not believe Mike! Same thing in Belgrade, Serbia. I really hope they have no choice whatsoever and the movie turns out a bust.


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