Wednesday, July 03, 2013


either you are serb or a faggot, either you do what we say or you are a traitor. to deal with traitors, to begin with for starters, we are going to rebuke you and instruct everyone in serbia 7 – 77 to spit by you or at you while walking by. the humiliation and intimidation were the communist methods of choice for dealing with old bourgeois and class enemies following the WWII. i read that the belgrade was bombed after one crazy serb spat in the face of  german military attaché in belgrade beginning april 1941. this bombing killed thousands of belgraders but the lesson was never learned. THE WHOLE SPITTING THING WAS BROUGHT ON BY SERBIAN MONTENEGRIN SO CALLED ANTI-TERRORIST EXPERT, A NEIGHBOR, I HAD WRITTEN ABOUT EARLIER. ALSO I HEARD IT IS THE SAME PERSON THAT FOUNDED THE SOCIETY OF SERBIAN AND AMERICAN FRIENDSHIP OR SIMILAR IN SERBIA. ACCORDING TO ALL I KNOW ULTRA DANGEROUS (SPITTING VENOM) AND WELL-CONNECTED INDIVIDUAL TO DEAL WITH. like ever americans wanted to give me a fair play chance to continue here from the scratch and normally. i guess the goal was to send me right into the jaws of the MAFIA, killers, beasts

give the mad man a typewriter and fear for the future of the world.

american proverb

give the mad man a typewriter and fear not for the future of the world.

my own proverb

despite to what i had said yesterday my goal is to allow serbs a chance. my goal is to point out to their mistakes based on my experience and give them a chance to make a change so serbia can join the rest of the world in all areas of life. my goal is to bring true civilization back to serbia without bringing in more drugs and progressive ideologies. it seems like serbia itself is not willing to find the resolve, it seems as if they are satisfied with doing more damages to me. the change i am talking about will begin when 


for example as i asked the young motherfucker, who appeared to be a student, to make some room for me to exit the streetcar he turned around and was staring at me like i just said something bad about his momma. for now it seems that the more complaining i do on my blog they are bent on doing more damages. they do not accept the word of wise – they think they are holy – heavenly Serbia – and right. furthermore, i like capitalism rotten to the core. i strongly dislike the communist ideology but it does have nothing to do with hating jews which is automatically implied in serbia. jews are my friends inclusive of those that are communists. i am telling it like it is, playing stupid is not my kind of game. had to touch the commie base since imo, entire modern day serbia is red communist BY /  THROUGH HERITAGE following the successful divorce with pre WWII traditions. it seems UNFAVORABLE criticism and free speech are still taboos. but what is my point. the major communist weapon for class enemies remained humiliation. i am twisting, turning and twitching not because i like someone drop dead gorgeous that is coming at me as they like to imply – this guy is a faggot - but because by experience i have gotten intimidated while expecting kicks and blows from the incoming person which is making me quite itchy and nervous. i do not know what to expect because in the recent past they were allowed to beat me and get away with it, as they did so i do not even know who were they. as far as humiliation is concerned, one manifestation of it is the allowed spitting. not only serbs are spitting or makin' the spitting sounds at me but for example muslims living in belgrade do it too – it happened today as i walked by the barjakli mosk in belgrade – one muslim accompanied by his hijabed wife just did. an indicator that muslim lobby in serbia is as strong as the 16th c. ottoman empire.

somebody must be predator and someone must be pray
somebody must be boss and someone has to make pizzas to bring dough home



 for example, serbs did provoke and beat austria with respect to WWI but even today greatest respect for serbs is coming from there. austria has been the main backer for serbia to join eu. only great nations and greatest cultures are able to respect even their historical enemies. however, by living in serbia i have gotten the feeling that if nations of the world agree to destroy all existing weapons out there, there will come one serb who will pick up the stone and smash somebody’s head. SO WE NEED THE CONSENSUAL CHANGE OF MIND. to conclude this manifesto -- someone has to paint a new more just picture about me in the mind of the serbian people and scrutinize bastards and alcoholics (journalists,etc) bent on destroying me -- those lying and spreading rumors bastards which make me and those that do not like me spin in circles for years without end in  sight

  Around 13hrs on July 3rd 2013, a driver of the streetcar in the photo above has driven so fast and swung the streetcar in the sharp curve alongisde Kalemegdan park that I hit my head so badly against the interior body - by the front entrance that a lot of people were amazed I kept standing, some found it amusing. There was nothing to smile about. It is just madness and lack of culture, it is wilderness. 


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