Wednesday, July 10, 2013


marija (mary)
i thought you were my orb, and 
i could have loved you better 
  than him or them. 
due to the power of this blog this freaking maxi supermarket on vojvode stepe boulevard in belgrade serbia has become the mecca for all kinds of blokes and birds from all over the world. everybody is coming in hope of getting a glimpse of mary in addition to finding a spiritual inspiration and a fleeing hope of eternal love. heard more american jibe here than ever in america. heard yiddish, arab, spanish and italian just recently. germans are regular and correct customers there and irish plus britons too. who knows may be novak pops in one of these days. there are other nationalities coming around as well. just yesterday there was a guy from monte carlo in bentley. and all this huddling around goes on for the few minutes i happen to be there, God knows what’s on when i am not around. they even come down to say their prayers from mile and a half away, from nearby hotel m, and they are passing by many stores in the process of getting there just to see the miracle that’s  happening only in this maxi that is open 24-7. this miracle does not need any further broad description, it must be felt, heard and seen. i can definitely vouch this small store has become the holy grounds of balkan peninsula. now it will only take one woman, one girl, a storeclerk named mary to mess it all up, marija's one booty-call /girl's thinking/ will destroy this whole divine mecca; ruin it for the entire world and all believers. fuck paradise.

alas, my logic was, girls that are not the most attractive ones = good mothers and love you till death does apart! oh, how stupid was I?! that's where stupidity and complexes better stick, mediocre looks. for crying out loud, mary is nothing special. 

alas, july 10th 2013, was in the store when now famous marija – this whole thing was raised about her -- started a shift and her first act was to get fresh with the security guy so i could see it. that shit equals to your wife screwing with some guy in front of your own eyes. if she wanted to, she could have connected to me like that million times. there is no point in making me jealous now. OH MARY, WHERE IS YOUR SUBSTANCE? thank you very much. marija blew it, cat piss.

oh no! mary is all determined to send a load of shit and hell rain to destroy this beautiful but small never-never piece of land (a goddamn store) where people come to connect. because if i stop coming there, no magic will ever happen. minutes before she came onto shift, was just wondering why the motherfucking security guy was looking at me like a raging bull ready to charge. man, i offered marija new and eternal life, my intention was to cover her with attention, gold and glory and her mind goes sheeyat – security guy! man! in the end, i will easier forget about her than she will ever forget about me, cos i made her. i know i was made in u.s.a. and still cannot forget about it because that’s where you have friends. if they did not cover me with shit and mud -- a tribulation, to prove self-diehardedness and aim higher -- i would have been more successful today and i certainly would not need their help - things would have been more natural, inclusive of marija's behavior towards me. i could have lucked out without america, could have been laid a lot like lancelot du lac /it's always better to be the loser who's dipping than the serious writer or painter, i'd trade; while creating it's ok but life is boring promptly thereafter/. now it looks like it is all over again - how many more marijas are out there waiting for me to say no - "i likes me security guy better than you old american fart", now i am waiting to be turned down officially - hence, word of wise, no friendship should be ever given away, that’s for sure, it should be earned. period.



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