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Way out of my situation would be if my in-laws were the members of Sicilian mob. There is no other way anyone can explain to Serbs to leave me alone. Perhaps I do it with this blog, not. However, there were some improvements made as of my last post, that was yesterday, however, it polarized those attacking me. The majority was mellowed down, but the extremes are getting more radical. They are going to utilize every opportunity to come near me and provoke attack. They are itching to kick me or hit me without warning. I have seen it today. Well, I lost couple of friends and acquaintances today as the direct result of this pressure. People just do not want to be in the center of trouble and destructive attention. They do not want to be near or associated with me. The only way I can continue with normal life flow - inclusive of supporting friends and family - would have been if some foreign authority – let's say CIA or even Vladimir Putin for that matter – gets involved in the center of trouble and directs things in a way they are led towards my well-being. That will prove the point for some really good Serbs to stay by me, near me, love me, marry me, etc. Marija and I will surely benefit, even though this would have worked when I was in love with her. I feel local authorities are not willing to do this; they are there to get me. No good can come out of them ever, they are just messing things up, they thrive on confusion and live off enhancing intrigues. I feel as being in the prison since losing friends to my situation equals to that saying 'the prison shows the true colors of your friends', though I can fully understand them and I am comfortable with their decisions. We are all scared. Well, another thing that can be a way out of this crisis corner is to make me an ambassador of Serbia for the United States of America - USA. Well then, I think I will be able to negotiate about forgetting ruined life and family they did and we shall see if we can start off fresh again and be able to look at each other as human beings. This is certainly not a life long proposition - it has a term I know, but still this is a chance for everybody. Otherwise, 'the decline' will  continue and, naturally, no good will come out of it. Another thing is, cannot scream justice without being just. We must level the things up, do some leverage. I see many counter arguments coming on the part of jealous zeros that hold some positions of power so this decision must be made from the top. Some Serbs will call me crazy, some will ask if this guy is for real, but hey, I am sure they are crazy for bringing this situation out of control – that’s where I am at right now. And I deserve a fully scaled rehabilitation. I do love even those that made wrong decisions in the past in America and some there are scared because they believe things are irreversible – so they may vouch I must be brought down for good without a chance for change, still we can negotiate for gift of life allows it and the understanding of it is crucial. We cannot talk with terrorists that are favoring the status quo situation of public terror. This what I am saying only sounds deep, though everyone can grasp that except those Serbs that are breathing down my neck and wanna 'geet' somebody – me in this case - for reasons known to them only. Do not let ‘em. Rednecks of America are the true army of gentlemen in comparison to them. True that. God bless. 

For example: one of those openly advocating hatred toward me – naturally, behind my back – is a well-known art trader from Belgrade,  locally known as ‘the Gypsy’.  His last name initial starts with P. Furthermore, I overheard him talking shit about others to Nikola Kusovac - the only guy whose saying goes, nobody reputable gives a shit without his approval - so I can only imagine what kind of wrong he was saying about me. Guys like him come in numbers. P's major weapon is my writing on this blog which he and others (majorly figures from the art world) related to him are interpreting as mentally disturbed - "the writings of a mad man". They are so powerful locally they can exclude me from the game in no time. That is their intention for they perceive me as a threat. When “the (business) love was lost” between me - an art collector - and one of my ex-friends art traders – whose initial is I. and who is an associate of P. - then I. threatened to shoot me if I mentioned his name on the blog. That is why I am not specifying P.’s full name as I do not want to be cut out by his gypsies or some paid hooligans for a handful of dollars. That is also why I am more afraid of them – local art traders and dealers – than of CIA. As you saw, I mentioned CIA without twisting and twitching and turning myself upside down. I am afraid of those who would like to portray me in the wrong light bitching about me all the time saying I am a madman, a thief, a conman, a homosexual, etc. The lower levels of them huddle up every Saturday and Sunday in Slavija Hotel (Antique Fair) and today one of them crowed: Yeah, taught him a lesson?! That's the way! A lesson?! The lesson in terrorism for sure. I do not even know what they did - I am sure the consequences I am encountering right here, right now. 

Follow on the next day, June 9th 2013:

One of P’s cohorts, a guy whom I could best describe as: age of around 70, bastard German gene, watery green eyes, about 6 feet 2, grabbed my rucksack and start pulling it today as I was negotiating antique sale turned toward a table. Apparently I was in his way but I did not have a clue about it,  he even tried to kick me in the groin from behind or he did. Even though I felt pain I turned around and said I am sorry. That's their tactics, I would have been guilty for arguing let alone fighting with the "old man". Not only it was hard to buy at this "antique fair" because the salesmen, a man and a woman, rejected to take my money even though I was willing to pay their price. Because obviously I am the person to whom some of them do not want to sell  for reasons known to them only. It is why I am writing, because of their – Serbian – kicks and unbelievable situations I am encountering in this effin bloody country.  


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