Saturday, June 15, 2013


Okay, Serbs please do not read this blog! This blog is not for Serbs! Stay the fuck away.


# 1: This blog is innocent!

# 2: Either Serbs cannot read / understand what is written in this blog or somebody is misinterpreting them stuff == so I am getting hit by the real public furor in Serbia .  

How is this manifested:

Tonight around 23:00 hrs the cashier at Maxi – some (Marija wannabe) girl named Sofija took the price scanner while nobody was looking (we were alone in the checkout area) and played with it rolling the cord around her finger like a damn toy while checking me out!!! so the red light came all over me – she apparently thought it was okay to disturb me if it was something that I could be disturbed by. I asked her if she was okay because she looked like hypnotized staring over my shoulder.  The whole event really shocked and scared me. I am sure she was afraid if she did not do that someone could called her a whore and imply that she starred in a home made porn with two guys cos that's what happens in Serbia when you are nice to me.

As I went further up and across the street to buy some lemons and bananas the same gang from yesterday and a day before showed up on the upper porch of Vojvode Stepe 139-141 highrise and used a slingshot - heard its sound - while I could hear uproar of frenzy going on up there. I was left in stupor.  This is the major avenue in Belgrad (Serbia) and this fucking country is the only place in the world next to New Delhi (where they rape women) where the “ghetto boys” can take an aim at you and party from 19 – 24 hrs undisturbed. Now I know why police in USA is so much better than Serbian @#!$%. THEREFORE, next time someone important from Serbia arrives in your neck of the woods show them how wonderful it is being a slingshot target. Try not to miss too.

Next, it is my right if and whom I am going to support. I hate noone. I wore this badge and major trouble came after it.

Serbs either want to keep me in the anti-Israeli perspective or they are anti-Israel themselves.


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