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  Just like he said to someone I know:
"I wish Milos...." now this guy was expecting him to say "all the best but I do not want to see him again",
Prostran said "all the WORST!"
That's exactly what I wish him and his family too now esp. after terrible beatings I have undergone on February 10th 2013. He has no beef with me as he portrays. His grudge appears to be with Mr. Mulcahy who issued Picasso certificate. That is someone I trust. But Prostran hates British experts, he likes opinions by
his closest associates: Ratko Simicevic, Milos Tasic Taske, and similar "experts" 
This article has given dr Prostran such an epochal popularity in Serbia that we are in danger of various other individuals that are coming out of woodwork imitating dr Prostran and harrasing us from all walks of life and all angles of the society which was not our goal*; that's why we are screaming out loud ::: crawl back you morons!!! me, myself and I smo nazadovali em nadrljali zbog njega

    * Our goal was to educate dr Prostran.
   January 12th 2013: Antiques Fair, 10:00 AM, Belgrade, Serbia: premeditatedly and without any reason whatsoever Montenegrin Ratko Simicevic, an interior designer from Belgrade yelled out loud so everyone could hear: “You will not be able to ever cheat me like you had cheated Dr Milan Prostran.”  One of several Simicevic daughters is a magistrate circuit judge Aleksandra Simicevic, and he is well connected within the Serbian legal system being a Montenegrin so he might think slandering people publically – so everyone could hear it – is okay. To make my point clear, this sleazeball practically called me a conman in front of many antique dealers in town and I consider myself one of the straightest, the gayest and ultra-fairest individuals on the planet.

   The point is not that Dr Milan Prostran complained to me that he had gotten cheated by Ratko Simicevic (by the way Prostran & Simicevic are on asinus asinum fricat terms) on numerous occasions in the past, and that Simicevic is now playing “There Goes the Thief” conman game, but it is these uncalled-for public rumors that really make my existence around here miserable.

   Now, dear friends, before proceeding to reading any further it is highly important to read my earlier posts and learn about the stigmata circumstances I cope with in and around this city – Belgrade. This is not one isolated incident of public hatred, there were many.

Last minute: And the situation is such that I would only go to [Slavija’s] MacDonald's again if they make their café shop employee take a polygraph test whether or not she put something in my flat white coffee last night (January 15th 2013) so I almost woke up blind with terrible metallic taste in mouth. Mr Prostran and his bosom buddies are most likely some of those that encourage downright Serbs to go pure putrid evil and after me. If you see Mr. Goran Stojicevic's show Preljubnici (take a peek on youtube) you'll see too how Serbs are good at lying and what advanced skills and knowledge they possess at foulplay!!! You simply cannot trust them

   Who is Dr. Milan Prostran and his sister Dr Milica Prostran? In lack of better term, they practically 'own' the Medical Faculty of Belgrade (at the University of Belgrade), have been the professors of anatomy and pharmacy, respectively, since communist times and are on the chair of at least six different national committees as far as I could have tallied on the Net. They are well connected within the government and able to, both directly and indirectly, send out serious threats as Dr Milan Prostran told me recently: “Make sure none of your relatives get sick cause they will not get alive out of Belgrade hospital system.” Them two, brother and sister Prostran, or the Prostrans, are like Serbian Sopranos, they know all tricks.

   I will not thrive into details here whether Dr Prostran presently cheats on his wife and with how many freshman students he slept on his cabinet couch in his career cause that would be improper as the jokes I heard imply "the only professor with a couch in his cabinet". I will not touch the subjects either how powerful he was when Dafina Milanovic, a prominent pyramidal scam Jewish banker gifted him a brand new Mercedes Benz back in the day, I would only go on to say why he hates me. 

   It is for the Picasso’s graphic. 

   Namely, I introduced Dr Prostran to all of my friends, the dinosaurs in the Serbian art market. He overtook all connections and never said thank you. He scavenged these individuals and myself off of the best Impressionist art and at one point he was so scared following the transactions he made with me that he did not call for months. Fully sober I gave him a watercolor by Pero Pocek worth 5000 (five thousand) euros for 7 (seven) euros!!! I also gave him an impressionist painting that he now values at 7000 euros range in exchange for other art that does not worth one-tenth of his 7000 euros estimate. I was so good to Mr Prostran and regarded him as best of friends. But it is a type of a guy that always wants to win and take a shirt and pants off of you in any game.

   Dr Prostran hates when those that are not in the position of power - like me – are successful. What happened?

   Dr Prostran has been in the art world for around three years. That is not enough time for a greedy, intelligent man like him to get to the bottom of everything art. That is why he values certificates, to him they are the mother and proof everything is okay. But if you are not familiar with art terminology the certificate (especially not in the language one Serb like Dr Prostran does not speak, see image below) does not necessarily mean that a one will always get what he was hoping for.    This time it was about an original Picasso’s hand-signed graphic. If it was not signed by Picasso it would have been a worthless sheet of paper. So for the technique - a lithographic print - similar to the offset print, without any deep printing involved. At least that was what Dr Prostran was questioning later, but in fact he questioned everything when his trusty advisors put up a smoke up his ass. 
   Note: In the past I offered this same work for an exchange to a secret service agent, an avid art collector, M.M., who was also dealing with Dr Prostran as well. He is the person of interest at this time who fully understands this entire problem and nasty habits of Dr Prostran. M.M. immediately rejected lithograph for to him a lithograph print is not any better than an offset print. He truly knows what lithographs are.

   On the other hand, Dr Prostran’s greediness led him to have something he did not want in the first place. Something that to him looks like a Xerox copy. But that was what he only found out later. First off without difficulty he exchanged with me Picasso’s lithograph for two other mediocre pieces of Serbian art (Croatian-born painters). Also, the same hand-signed Picasso’s lithograph I gave to him was auctioned twice through MadlArt auction house in Belgrade (bought in on both occasions) and is accompanied by the official certificate issued by London art experts: QUW gallery represented by Mr. M. Mulcahy, see the image enclosed herewith: It also features an ultraviolet code for additional protection, etc.

   The problem arose when Dr Prostrans consulted his local advisers (as far as who were they he at first dropped out the names of apparently painter Dusan Mikonjic and someone else I cannot remember) who told him that he made a bad deal as Picasso graphics are not worth anything locally. Mikonjic‘s atelier is located in the center of Serbian old masters fake production – Staro Sajmiste and Dr Prostran I am sure has bought some of his fakes there. I am not alleging foul play involvement by Mr Mikonjic of any kind, but just stating where Dr Prostran picks up advices. I have no idea whether Dr Prostran has got this insider information, I bet not. Well to get to the point further, his advisers also pointed out lithograph’s visual appearance as it is not deep printing which they consider a “real graphic” – they basically told him it was a worthless piece of paper and later he even suspected that signature was not Picasso’s original. Dr Prostran told me the lithograph print looked almost “like a Xerox copy” which is almost true for that is what some lithographs look like, a little better than Xerox copies, and the said secret agent M.M. knew that from the start and stayed away from something he did not want in the first place. Then Dr Prostran played on his doctoral and otherwise accumulated reputation – his major ace card - to prove that Picasso is not an original but a fake calling even Dejan Popovic, the director of Madlart auction house, an idiot and a madman, calling me a cheat and trying to win me over to put all blame on the previous owner of lithograph who happens to be a reputable and responsible Slovenian businessman whose identity I would like to preserve. 

   Dr Prostran showed his true ignorant colors in front of Ms. Zaklina Ratkovic, the Custodian with the Museum of Contemporary Serbian Art and expert in graphic arts when he brought along with him an eraser made of rubber stating that if Picasso signature disappears he will know it is not a Xerox copy. Ms. Ratkovic advised him against erasing signature and told us that everything looked okay to her. It was not so when we went to the National Museum of Belgrade earlier that week as I granted Dr Prostran wishes to show the work to all available Serbian experts together. Apparently Museum’s (which by the way has been closed for 12 years now) “expert on foreign graphic art” told us right off the bat “It is fake, it is not an etching from 1933 like we have in the Museum.” Then I told her (did not even bother to remember name, that is how much she is significant in Serbia, well at least to me) it was not supposed to be an etching from 1933, lithograph is from a 1956 renewed map edition of lithographs with a certificate by Quw Gallery of London, U.K.. At least in United Kingdom there is a rule of law and I believe it is not possible for someone to fake certificates blatantly. “The expert” backed off from her claims when I mentioned a lawsuit. Raging Dr Prostran continued on with his tirade venting against British Quw gallery, the Slovenian and everyone involved calling everyone a con and cheat and practically I came to the conclusion that he is just a grumpy old man with a lot of spare time on his hands and money too. Dr Milan promised to make my life miserable. And if I had as many whores as he claims he does do per month for 200 euros I would not be so over-concerned about one original Picasso, I am sure. The real problem is, he and his con buddies ruin lives by yapping their blabbers in not controllable fashion. And thus those that lick tongues with Dr Prostran one day and cheat dr Prostran the other, as he stated to me, have the ammo to go after the obedient citizens like your narrator here in public. The truth is about it. I must defend myself and internet is the only way. I know it is not the right way but the only way. I just do what the Americans do. If and when one sets out and breaches on your integrity and benevolence, just bomb the motherfuckers. Otherwise, if one knows the dear Slovenian man from whom I obtained an aforementioned piece by Picasso and who at first suggested a criminal investigation, inclusive of putting a print in the sealed plastic bag and taking it to the lab for fingerprints and et cetera he would surely know who is to blame in this scandal. And also I vouch that Mr Dejan Popovic (Madlena Zepter’s auction house Director who was selling this graphic twice through their auctions) is not a son of a bitch but a fine reputable man with precious manners that we need much in these times of temptation and trouble throughout the world.

   Note: Dr Prostran openly claims to be a natural descendant of German Kaiser Friedrich Barbarossa which would make me a natural descendant of Alexander the Great, Julius Cesar, George Washington, Napoléon, Sitting Bull, and Benjamin Franklin altogether, and he too turned many into his enemies. Even God abiding human being Steva "Zir" Rajic, a well behaved local picture framer whom he accused of stealing frames he brought to him to make framing of his newly acquired art cheaper.

THE THUG: Far cry from the sainthood: Portrait of dr Milan "Emperor Barbarossa" Prostran by Milos Vujasinovic

It is terrible what Serbs have done to me but what dr Prostran has done to me boggles my mind.  
A brief follow up (a bit of obligation for my friends and readers as this blog is followed by 200 people on daily basis according to the site statistics): Dr Prostran wears peacock skin shoes, he boasts to have two pairs of these. By way of dress code you can easily spot to which class people in Serbia belong to. A situation little bit different than in the United States where everyone wears almost anything. Dr Prostrans' clan, Ratko Simicevic -- asinus asinum fricat, their buddies and various other cohorts are now spreading rumors that I am a mental case and that other citizens should disturb me on the streets. In civilized countries people help people, not so in Serbia where thanks be to dr Prostran and similar former communists -- handicapped people are provoked and challenged. The proof is me. So what happens now? Various sorts of Serbian low life cretins (according to the way they are dressed, usually dressed like people that hate books even in their dreams) are trying to harass me on the streets (primarily through making loud manmade noises when passing by) but I am not from their story. Apparently, other Serbs that happen nearby and watch the show are enjoying the happening and the tickets are free too. I hope they have to pay for it later on. Guess how many books dr Prostran has in his apartment, less than 10!!!! But let us get to the point. Little bit earlier somewhere along the same lines with dr Prostran (shall I call him the Serbian madman), United States of America decided that I was the persona non grata and then I was expelled I must guess on the simple basis of personal and physical looks. But I am just the opposite of what they thought of me, I am far cry from mafia, illegal doings and vices of all kinds, I am into publishing fine art books. Dr Prostran and his peers in the United States as far as I have learned are from the story of sexually and mentally abusing all kinds of people. I am different,  I like to leave people alone even if they ruined my family. For that matter, I do not even hate anyone from George W Bush administration -- these are the guys who ruined my family and peace of mind, neither I hate any American nor even dr Prostran for that matter. I guess they must be picking on the wrong guy.
What happened to me and what is going on with me proves that this is the worst time for justice and human liberty in recent modern history of the mankind and especially in those places where it should have been guaranteed by the constitutions and laws. Thus I believe love is the last stand against powers of evil that truly envelop, own and command this world across the states and nations. In these places where I was not welcomed the Devil is winning hands down. This planet I am sure is not ruled by benevolence. In United States I felt no love - the sincere love for humans, Sunrise, birds, song of the field flowers & crickets and similar everyday things (just the brutal animosity and calculated hatred), and in Serbia likewise, I felt no love but a rude calculated interest and sheer stupidity.


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