Wednesday, November 02, 2011


- some serbian governmental agency (*or the kinetic synergy of several agencies) is injecting venom into my life to the point that the existence has become unbearable. slobodan milosevic was my enemy but in comparison to these american "democratic" puppets now in uncontrollable power - milosevic was the king lear. it is sad news that novak djokovic is a serb. these people now own the sad communist legacy of spying onto each other and i feel like i am in the open zoo. in this sport SERBS ARE THE worst motherfuckers WHEN WE KNOW THAT I.E. in USA there is no secret among the commoners. serbs want to know the colors of my shit AND THEY HATE ME. TELL POPE AND THOSE JESUITS NOT TO BE FOOLED BY ANY LITERATURE THAT SERBS HATE THEM MORE THAN ME. they give me nothing to work with, it is like having endless rows of skyScrapers lined up ahead of you WHILE YOU ARE TRYING TO JUMP ONE AT THE TIME AND YOU NEED A YEAR FOR EACH ENTERPRISE. MRS. SERBIAN FREEDOM IS WEEPING ITS HEART OUT FOR ME . besides, serbs have never learned lessons from their history. i went to america to check if the sun rises there and generally if there is a sunshine in america only to B E_S H O W N there isnot. with these guys in power IN SERBIA I HAVE BEEN PROVEN there isnot sunshine around here either and with these serbian monsters (while i do not see any better replacements) and their agencies that do not allow me to stand on the ground with both feet i doubt there will ever be any true freedom in large amounts for the regular intelligent people like me. and indeed there are few like me. perhaps that is why i have been singled out. Diese Situation muß geändert werden. SERBS AND ME WE CANNOT EVER BE 1.


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