Wednesday, October 26, 2011


rain, snow, wind - these are all my allies allowing me to freely roam the streets of belgrade, serbia. i am happiest when it is raining and noone pays attention to me and i can get around. assuming o.1% out of 4 millions serbs in belgrade is mentally sick and if 40% are unintelligent, lacking formal education you can guess how many of them i have to put up with and come across on my daily stroll around the city. plus, due to the NATO's offensive called Merciful Angel, I believe a lot more people is combating mental problems around here, realistic number is more like 20-40%. What did I do to them? For instance, Serbs like to play walking chicken w/ me. It is a game most likely invented by CIA and put into the Serbian mind by the Serbian spies working for American Embassy in Belgrade. In this game players engage in conflict as if medieval knights are colliding into each other when one half of their bodies hits - brushes off the other person's half - me. I do not even know who these people that are coming at me are, however I am at 99% of times ready to dispatch. Now, on every stroll through Knez Mihajlova Street or any other public artery there will be at least 40 intentional crashes into me. Some of them are violent. Luckily, I bump all of them off and away, even the corpulent Serbs, because the years of suffering and belief in God gave me an imaginable power to endure these strikes. Note: This game can bring serious injury, arrhythmia and even heart problems to those who engage.

Another problem, completely different but very related, is BIA's (Serbian CIA, KGB) hostile interference into my life. On this topic I will reflect another time if I remain alive by then because these people an't no joke. They have the power and think they can command the freedom of my being. In a number of situations where other folks would ride free I have to double pay and experience unnecessary and troublesome problems for my Serbian "publicity" and cumulatively speaking I am still at status quo/status zero where I had been when I originally came here from USA. My position is best described as 'nuther day in quicksand. Imagine if six million motherfuckers holds you back not allowing you a decent opportunity to find another partner in life - at least - and that's the least, I cannot think further than that although many people have further than that.


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